Æthelwulf DE WESSEX King of Wessex
Queen Osburh of the Isle of Wight
(-Between 852)
Æthelred "Mucel" Ealdorman of the Gaini of Mercia
(Bef 848-Abt 885)
Princess Eadburh of Mercia
(Bef 839-After 885)
Alfred (Ælfræd) "the Great" DE WESSEX King of Wessex & Mercia
Eahlwið of the Gaini, Princess of Mercia
(Between 848-905)
Edward "the Elder" of England 
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Eadweard I "The Elder" DE WESSEX
(Abt 872-924)


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1. Ecgwynn

2. Ælfleda DE WESSEX, Queen of Wessex
3. Eadgifu of Kent, Queen of England

Eadweard (Edward) I "The Elder" DE WESSEX

  • Born: Abt 872, Wessex, England
  • Married (2): Abt 901
  • Married (3): 919, Wessex, England
  • Died: 17 Jul 924, Farndon-on-Dee, Mercia
  • Buried: Winchester Cathedral

  Research Notes:

"Eadwardum" is named by Roger of Hoveden as the younger of King Alfred's sons by Queen Ealswith. "Edward/Eadweard filius regis" subscribed charters of King Alfred dated 871 and 892 (two). He defeated the Danes at Fareham 893. "Eadweard rex" subscribed a charter of King Alfred dated 898, implying that he was crowned in the lifetime of his father.

He succeeded his father in 899 as EDWARD "the Elder" King of Wessex, crowned 31 May or 9 Jun 900 at Kingston-upon-Thames. He was faced soon after by the rebellion of his first cousin Æthelwold, son of Æthelred I King of Wessex, whom he finally defeated at the battle of the Holm in [902/05]. King Edward attacked the Danes in Northumbria in 909 and forced them to accept peace on his terms. The Danes countered by raiding Mercia as far as the Bristol Avon, but Edward defeated them at Tettenhall 5 Aug 910. In 911, Edward occupied London and Oxford, and in Summer 912 he attacked the Danes in Essex. King Edward continued northwards in 915, occupying Bedford. Edward began a major offensive against the Danes in the Midlands in 917, helped by the Mercian troops of his sister Æthelflæd. After his sister's death in 918, King Edward seized Tamworth to ensure the loyalty of Mercia, but left his niece Ælfwynn in nominal authority in Mercia until the winter of 919 when he had her taken to Wessex, marking the final integration of Mercia into Wessex. This was followed by the submission to him by the Welsh kings of Gwynedd, Dyfed and the lands between Merioneth and Gower, which made King Edward overlord of major parts of Wales. Edward then turned his attention to the reconquest of the remaining Danish colonies south of the river Humber, which he completed by 920, culminating with the submission to him of Rægnald King of York, Ealdred of Bamburgh and the king and people of Strathclyde.

He was suppressing a revolt in Chester when he died. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the death of King Edward at Farndon-on-Dee in Mercia in 924 and his burial at Winchester. 1

  Marriage Information:

Eadweard married Ecgwynn. (Ecgwynn died between 901 and 902.

  Marriage Information:

Eadweard also married Ælfleda DE WESSEX Queen of Wessex, daughter of Æthelhelm DE WESSEX Ealdorman of Wiltshire and Unknown, about 901. (Ælfleda DE WESSEX Queen of Wessex was born in Wessex, England, died in 920 and was buried in Winchester Cathedral.

  Marriage Information:

Eadweard also married Eadgifu of Kent, Queen of England, daughter of Sigehelm, Ealdorman of Kent and Unknown, in 919 in Wessex, England. (Eadgifu of Kent, Queen of England was born in Wessex, England, died on 26 Aug 968 and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

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