John FITZ ALAN, 6th Earl of Arundel
Matilda (Maud) DE VERDUN, Countess Arundel
(Abt 1225-1283)
Roger IV DE MORTIMER, Lord of Wigmore
(Abt 1231-1282)
Matilda (Maud) DE BRAOSE
John FITZALAN, Lord of Clun, 7th Earl of Arundel
(1247-Aft 1300)
Richard FITZ ALAN, 8th Earl of Arundel


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Richard FITZ ALAN, 8th Earl of Arundel

  • Born: 3 Feb 1266/7, Arundel, Sussex, England
  • Married: Abt 1284, Marlborough, Sussex, England
  • Died: 9 Mar 1301/2

  General Notes:

Compiler's 20 x great-grandfather

  Research Notes:

Inquisitions "Wednesday after Epiphany 12 Edw I", after the death of "Maud (late) the wife of Richard de Amundevyl alias Lady Maud de Verdun”, name “Richard son of John (son) of the said Alan... age unknown is her next heir... Richard son of Alan aged 18 at the feast of St. Michael last is her next heir”.

He succeeded his father in 1272 as Lord of Clun and Oswestry, and as owner of the title and honour of the castle of Arundel, and had seisin of his lands 8 Dec 1287. He was created Earl of Arundel [Sussex] in 1289, although this is the last time that the old title Earl of Sussex is heard of. “Ric comes de Arundell et dom de Albo” confirmed donations of property by “bonæ memoriæ Wil. filii Alani antecessoris nostri” to Shrewsbury Abbey by charter dated “die Martiis in festo Annunciationis beatæ Mariæ anno regni regis Edwardi vicesimo”. 1


Inquisition Post Mortem


Writ, 15 Jan. 30 Edw. I. [1301/2]

SUSSEX. Inq. 19 March, 30 Edw. I.

Arundell. The castle and borough (full extent given), with the manors, hamlets, divers hundreds &c. pertaining to the honour of Arundell, held of the king in chief by service of a fourth part of an earldom;—including a fishery with a weir in the river (alta ripa) by Arundel, a park with deer, a park with deer at Estdene with a manor enclosed, 6 woods with deer in the free chace, viz.—the woods of ‘la Ruele,’ Selerchs, Wanegrave, Alfredeholte, Dunlye, and Westholte, in the borough 94 holding burgages, 38 shops (selde), ferries at Rustyngtone and Hamptone, a market every week for two days, with fairs at the feasts of St. Nicholas and the Invention of the Holy Cross, pleas of the court and of the chace, hundreds called Palyng, Avesford, Rutherebrigge, Esewrithe, Eseburne, Boxe, and Stokbrigge and the half hundred of Bury; in which hundreds the bishop of Cycestre, the abbot of Feskampe, the master of the hospital of St. John, Palinge, and Sir John de Sancto Johanne, have the amercements of their own men, and the bishop of Durham, Sir Henry de Percy, Sir Henry Tregoz, Sir Alan la Suche, Sir Henry Husee, the prior of Boxgrove, Sir Walter de Insula, and Sir William de Alta Ripa have the amercements of their men concerning the assise of bread and ale; and Henry de Guldeford holds for life by the said earl’s demise the manors of Essedene, Churletone, Sengeltone, Westdene and Northstok, with the half hundred of Sengeltone. And there are due in wages yearly to the porter keeping the castle in fee 45s. 6d. viz. 10 1/2d. a week, and to a head forester of fee 75s. 10d., viz.—17 1/2d. a week.

Edmund his son, aged 16, is his next heir.

[SUSSEX. Inq.] (undated and mutilated.)

[Burne?] The manor (full extent given), including 10a. meadow, a park with deer, a wood in the free chace with deer, a market every week, and rents and services of tenants, 19 tenants holding stalls (seldas) in the market at the lord’s will, and 6s. 5 3/4d. rent in Cycestre.

Heir as above.

SUSSEX. Inq. 11 March, 30 Edw. I.

Dunhurst. A capital messuage, 50a. fallow land, 6a. meadow, and a park with deer.
Palyngham. A capital messuage, 120a. arable, 20a. meadow, 4 woods, one called Blakebrok, rents and works of tenants, and perquisites of court.
All held as members of the honour of Arundel.

Heir as above.

SALOP. Inq. 18 May, 30 Edw. I.

Oswalbestre. The castle with lands &c. (full extent given with names of burgesses &c.) including four watermills, to wit, the mill ‘de Braseo,’ and the mills of Weston, Cotton and Cadugan, 25l. 17s. 11d. from villeins in ‘Walescheria,’ customs called ‘Treth camdion’ and ‘Treth morcu,’ rents and ‘Treth camdion’ and ‘Treth morcu’ in the towns of Yfton, Welli Cadugan, Ryn, and Morton, from Wely Moylgogh of Weston Ryn, and from the towns of Weston, Wigenton, Bronagard, Lontudemon (?), Meresbury, Lanhmordu (?), Crukin (?), Brin, Swyney, Treferclau, Trefonnen, Bledewelle Vaur, Bledewell Vaghan, the two Lenhokys, Sutton, Randiri Kneyris, Trefprenholl, and Weston, from Welired of Cottun, and in Middelton and Cotton; and the rent called ‘Treth kamdion’ is payable every other year at the feast of St. Andrew; all held of the king in chief by service of 2 1/2 knights’ fees.

Heir as above, aged 18 at the feast of SS. Philip and James last.

SALOP. Inq. 19 May, 30 Edw. I.

Schirewordyn. The castle with lands &c. (extent given with names of tenants), including rents in Nesse, Ednesdon, Forton and Moneford, within the manor, lands and rent at Upton which is a member of Oswaldestre, and Wroccestre which is a member of Upton, and rent from the abbot of Lilleshull for the mill pond of Tir ….; all held of the king in chief by service of a knight’s fee.

Heir as last above.

Memorandum. Philip son of Roger de Stanwardin. Richard Hord (?) renders 8s. for the land he holds in Stanvardin in Heuode, and it is a member of Scevardin; and a selion at Lopinto which lies fallow.

SALOP. Inq. 21 May, 30 Edw. I.

Acton Rounde a member of Oswaldestre. A messuage, 40a. arable, 1a. meadow, 20a. wood, 30s. 6d. rent of free tenants (named), 4l. 17s. 8d. rent of bondmen and cottars (named), and pleas &c. of court.

Heir as last above.

SALOP. Inq. 3 June, 30 Edw. I.

Clone. The castle and manor (full extent given with names of tenants), including rents of burgesses, rents in the hamlets of Aston, Hope Say, and Berley, rents in Clunton. Kempeton, Acton, and Dounherberd, and in the hamlets of Aderdeley and Bikedon, Hodicote and Newcastle, and from certain Welshmen dwelling in Temsete a custom called ‘Treth camdion’ payable every second year; all held of the king in chief by service of 2 1/2 knights’ fees.

Heir as last above.

SALOP. Inq. made at Cloune, 4 June, 30 Edw. I.

Alkamston. A capital messuage &c. 40a. arable, 2a. meadow, 2a. wood, a water-mill, 4s. 1d. rent of free tenants (named), 25s. from villeins and pleas &c. of court, held of Walter de Hopton by service of a pair of gilt spurs yearly.

Heir as last above.

WILTS. Inq. 30 June, 30 Edw. I.

Kyvele. The manor (extent given with names of tenants), including 1 knight’s fee in Paulesholte held by John de Paulesholte, owing relief, scutage, and suit every three weeks, 1 knight’s fee similarly held by Nicholas Bordon (?), 1/2 knight’s fee similarly held by William Musard, 1/3 (?) knight’s fee similarly held by John de Guschych, 1 knight’s fee held by John Kaynel, 1 knight’s fee in Badmynton similarly held by Thomas Boteler, and 1 knight’s fee in Actone Torborvile, co. Gloucester, held by Richard de la Rivere; held of the king in chief by service of 1 knight guarding the castle of Devises in time of war, and for the said service he gave 20s. yearly at the said castle.

Heir as last above.

WARWICK. Inq. made at Sutham, 25 June, 30 Edw. I.

Fleckenho. 23 messuages and 20 virgates of land in villenage (full extent given with names of tenants), which one Rose (Roesia) de Verdon gave to John son of Alan, earl of Arundell, with Maud her daughter in free marriage, tenure unspecified. He held nothing of the king in the county.

Heir as above, aged 17 on the day of St. Thomas the Apostle, 30 Edw. I.

NORFOLK. Inq. Saturday before the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 30 Edw. I.

Milham and Beston. A capital messuage in Milham, 234a. arable, 4a. meadow, 4a. pasture, herbage and underwood in the park, 2 windmills, a water-mill, 38l. 13s. 6d. rents of free tenants, and pleas &c., held of the king in chief by service of a knight’s fee.

Heir as above, aged 16 and more.

OXFORD. Inq. 22 June, 30 Edw. I.

Chupyngnorton. The manor (full extent given with names and services of tenants, two cottars of whom ought to guard prisoners taken in the manor, by day and not by night), including meadow and pasture in the Grove, Chalkputte and Thecokkeshampine (?), 71a. meadow in the Heme mede of Chupyngnorton and in the fields of Overenorton, a pasture called Prenesdone (?), the pasture of Boysrolle (?) …. Eulevenacre, toll of the market with stallage, and a ‘graseurthe’ yearly from every carucate from some of the free tenants; held of the king in chief by service of a knight’s fee.

Heir as above, aged 17.

Writ (of certiorari) to the escheator, on the complaint of John de Sibeton, that whereas he acquired 100s. of land in Acton la Rounde of Richard son of Alan, late earl of Arundel, three years before the earl’s death, the escheator after the earl’s death took the same into the king’s hand and delivered it to Amadeus, count of Savoy, with other lands &c. of the said earl, which came to the king’s hand by reason of the minority of his heir, and which the king caused to be delivered to the said count until the lawful age of the heir, 29 May, 32 Edw. I.

SALOP. Inq. Friday after St. Bartholomew, 32 Edw. I.

Acton Rounde. Richard fiz Aleyn, sometime earl of Arundell, demised to the said John 100s. rent in the town for life, to be received from certain tenants (named); and because that rent was held of the king in chief by knight’s service, and alienated without his licence, the subescheator by the king’s command seized the same, with other his lands, into the king’s hand after the earl’s death, and Richard de Harley, steward of the count of Savoy, seized the same, without the king’s demise, to the count’s use, and still detains it.

Writ to Richard de Harle, keeper of the lands &c. of the said count in Salop, to the same effect, 29 May, 32 Edw. I.

SALOP. Return to the chancellor from the said Richard (undated).

Acton la Rounde. The said John received in the manor of the gift of the said earl for three years before his death 100s. yearly rent for his life. Since the manor came to the hands of his lord, the writer has received the said 100s.

C. Edw. I. File 104. (21.) 2

  Marriage Information:

Richard married Alasia DI SALUZZO, daughter of Marchese Tommasso DI SALUZZO and Aloisia DI CEVA, about 1284 in Marlborough, Sussex, England. (Alasia DI SALUZZO was born in 1271 and died on 25 Sep 1292.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Richard FitzAlan.

2 Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, and other analogous documents, preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. IV, Edward I, pp. 50-54.

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