John FITZ ALAN, Lord of Clune & Oswestry
Isabel DE ALBINI, Countess of Arundell
(1198-Bef 1240)
Sir Nicholas DE VERDUN of Alton
(Aft 1175-1231)
Clementia [LE BOTELER]
(-Aft 1231)
John FITZ ALAN, 6th Earl of Arundel
Matilda (Maud) DE VERDUN, Countess Arundel
(Abt 1225-1283)
John FITZ ALAN, Lord of Clun, 7th Earl of Arundel


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John FITZ ALAN, Lord of Clun, 7th Earl of Arundel

  • Born: 14 Sep 1245, Arundel Castle, Sussex, England
  • Married: Before 14 May 1260
  • Died: 18 Mar 1271/2, Clun, Shropshire, England
  • Buried: Haughmond Abbey, Shropshire, England

  Research Notes:

He succeeded his father in 1267 as Lord of Clun and Oswestry, and as owner of the title and honour of the castle of Arundel. 1


Inquisition Post Mortem.

812. John son of Alan.

Writ (missing).
He died on Friday before the Annunciation, 56 Hen. III. [1271/2]
Richard son of John of Alan, aged 5 on the day of St. Blaise in the same year, is his heir.

[Sussex.] Extent, The vigil of Trinity, 56 Hen. III.

Arundel borough (extent given), including the pleas and pannage of the park and the forest of Roell', a fishery in the weir and water, market toll, and the collations of the chapels in the castle and of St. James for the Lepers.
The church is held by the prior and convent of Arundel to their own uses.

[Sussex.] Extent, Sunday before St. John the Baptist, 56 Hen. III.

Avesford hundred (extent given).
Paling hundred (extent given).
Sengelton hundred (extent given).
Boxe and Stocbrugge hundred (extent given).
The abbot of Feskham used to give 40s. rent of assize for the manors which he holds within the liberty of Arundel, throughout the time of the said John's father, but there was an agreement about the 40s. between the abbot and this John, who was never in seisin thereof.

Southampton. Olethorne hundred (extent given), pertaining to the honour of Arundel.

[Sussex.] Arundel castle, with the honour, held for ¼ of a barony, and the following fees were held of it, viz.—3 fees by Franco de Boun, doing suit at Arundel court, and guarding the castle in time of war for 40 days at his own charges.
22 fees held by Henry de Percy by the same service.

[Sussex.] Extent (undated).

Westden manor (extent given), including a windmill called Chussehar', whereof the said John's mother has a third part in dower.
Sengelton manor (extent given), including the pasture of Dunlee and Westholt, 4s. 2d. service of 'foresposmen,' and the advowson of the vicarage.
Cherleton manor (extent given), including 2s. custom of a 'foresposman,' and the pleas, perquisities, and pannage of the forest of Esteden.
Cycestre. 2 chantries of 2 chaplains pertaining to Arundel.
Northstoke manor (extent given) with the advowson of the church.
Palingham manor (extent given).

[Sussex.] Extent (undated and defective).

Swaneburne mills in Arundel, from which the prior of the monks of Arundel receives yearly 15 quarters corn and 15 quarters barley, the (chaplain of ?) Eastry 10 quarters corn and 10 quarters barley, the leprous women of Arundel 9l. 8d., and the residue is now held by Master Geoffrey de Hohot for life by the charter of the said John son of Alan. Richard de Mandeville and Maud his wife hold ? of the mills as dower of the said Maud.

[Salop.] Extent, The morrow of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist 56 Hen. III. (defaced).

Oswaldestre, which is called Blancmostre, castle and town (extent given with names of tenants), with its members:—
Weston (extent given).
Middleton (extent given).
Cotun (extent given).
Mersburi and Trevelech (extent given).
Tibetone, Trevelpolvel (?) and Blodowauham, rents from free tenants, &c.
Clanordaf. Similar rents.
Gruchet. Similar rents.
Bren. Similar rents.
Bloduorvaur (?) Similar rents.
Swyne and Kaercolion. Similar rents.
Suftone (?) and Randioners. Similar rents.
Dodelestone. Similar rents.
Westone and Iftone. Similar rents.
Wigtone (?) and Brongarth. Similar rents.
Trevelen (?) Similar rents.
Fenches. Similar rents.
Travorclauch. Similar rents.
Knights' fees:—
Somford and Osselton. ½ fee (?) held by Adam de Mongomery.
Aston, Wodeton, Twyford, Hideslond (?), and Bromehurst. 1 fee held, by Hamo le Botiller and others.
[ (fn. 1) Mor]don. ¼ fee held by John Coyne (?)
Allespathe in co. Warwick (?)
Frisell in co. Leicester (?)
[*Heggesworth, Waketon, Emoretone, Tewe, Ruyton, Middell, Rossale, Jagedon, Henton, Chetwinde, Eton, Birewike, Knock, Knitteley, Stanewey, Wolvrestone, Wetenestone, Hetly manor, Thonglond, Dodinton, Eston Boterell, Hales, Rideward.]

[Salop.] Extent, Monday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 56 Hen. III.

Serewardin (extent given).
Nesse (extent given).
Manford (extent given).
Fortone (?) (extent given).

[Salop.] Extent, Tuesday after Trinity, 56 Hen. III.

Cloun alias Clune Castle and borough (extent given).
Pusselowe hundred held of the king in chief to fee farm for 20s. yearly.
Knights' fees:—
Hopton, Scheldreton, Bradeford, Coston, Tattel' and Haggele, held of Welshry by Sir W. de Hopton in chief of the said castle by service of 2 knights' fees, and suit every three weeks.
Gaie, Bedestone and Beckele, held by Walter de Gaye by service of 1 knight's fee, and suit as above.
Sibetone, moieties of Witstonstowe and Brome, Clunburi, Streford, La Merse and Brompton, held by Roger de Sibeton by service of 1 knight's fee.
Egeton, Wlfreton and Bruseloue. Moieties held by Philip de Egetone by service of ½ knight's fee, and suit as above; and the other moieties similarly held by John de Egetone.
Clungonvert, Abbacote and Ruton, held by Roger Haberden by service of (1 ?) knight's fee, and suit as above.
Longefeude, held by Roger Waldin by service of 1 knight's fee, and suit as above.
A moiety of Bukenhulle, Over Pusseloue, a moiety of Brome, ½ virgate in Acton, and the town of La Munede, held by Walter de Bukenhulle and others by service of 1 knight's fee, and suit at the hundred (court) as above.
Brompton and Weston, held by Sir Brian de Brompton by service of ½ knight's fee, and two appearances yearly at the said hundred (court).
Cauton, held by the prior of Brampton in alms.
Dune juxta Clune, held by Giles de Berkele by service of ½ knight's fee, and suit every three weeks at the said hundred (court.)
Westone, held by Philip Schelaker by service of ½ knight's fee, and suit as above.
Clunburi, held by the heir of John le Engleys by service of 1 knight's fee, and suit as above.
The aforesaid tenants, excepting Sir Brian de Brompton, owe in time of war guard at the castle of Clun for 40 days yearly with one man with corslet and horse for a whole fee, and the said guard is worth 6l. 15s. yearly in time of war, but an esquire shall take 4½d. daily.
Wentenouere, held by Sir Thomas Corbet, doing suit at the hundred (court) for all.
Kilnerton, held by the abbot of Buldiwas, doing the like suit.
Stutte, held by the abbot of Haweman, doing the like suit.
Chet and Eton. Moieties, held by the abbot of Wigemore, doing the like suit.
Roderhope, held by the prior of Roderhope for the same.
Lidun, held by William, son of Walter de Neuton, doing suit.
La More, held by the heir of Roger de la More, doing suit at the hundred (court).
Eton and Schelton. Moieties, held by Reginald le Botereus, doing the like suit.
Clumpton (extent given).
Kempiton (extent given).
Aston (extent given).
Hope (extent given), with the advowson of the church.
Westhope (extent given), including pannage in the long forest called Lurwode, and a watermill.
Dune (extent given).
Actone (extent given).
Also the towns of:—
Obbele, Percheroderi, Obbendrif, Obaris, Larcwenhope, Eyliston under Portloge and Munetone, which remain to be extended because the tenants were unwilling to come before the escheator; they are beneath Portloke.
Towns ... which are in the hands of the prince, viz.—
Spoot, Kevengalonkok, Rouganton (?), Treuntprouere (?), .. luf., ... bore, Hicheke, Ulle (?), Edenhope; these towns are above Portloke and in the hands of the prince with Portloke forest.

C. Hen. III. File 42. (5.) 2

  Marriage Information:

John married Isabella DE MORTIMER, daughter of Roger IV DE MORTIMER, Baron of Wigmore, and Matilda DE BRIOUSE, before 14 May 1260. (Isabella DE MORTIMER was born in 1247 and died after 1300.)


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2 Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, and other analogous documents, preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. I, Henry III, pp. 278-281.

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