Sir Nicholas III DE STUTEVILLE, Knt.
Nicholas IV DE STUTEVILLE of Brincklow
Devorguilla DE GALLOWAY
(-Aft 1241)
Joan DE STUTEVILLE, Heiress of Liddel & Cottingham


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Sir Hugh WAKE, Knt.

2. Hugh BIGOD, Chief Justiciar of England
  • Roger BIGOD, Earl of Norfolk
  • John BIGOD
  • Joan BIGOD

Joan DE STUTEVILLE, Heiress of Liddel & Cottingham

  • Born: Cottingham, East Riding Yorkshire, England
  • Married (1): Before 29 May 1229
  • Married (2): Before 5 Feb 1243/4
  • Died: Shortly before 6 Apr 1276, Liddel Castle, Newcastleton, Liddesdale, Scotland

  Research Notes:

King Henry III pardoned "Hugoni Wac" for marrying "filiam Nicholai de Stutevill" without royal licence, dated 1229. Bracton records a claim, dated 1234/35, by "Eustachius de Estutevilla", claiming that "Nicholaus de Estutevilla avunculus suus" relinquished "manerio de Cotingeham", while "Hugo Wack et Willelmus de Mastak" claimed seisin of the manor through "uxorum suarum filiarum heredum predicti Nicholai". The Testa de Nevill lists fees in Leicester, dated 1247, which include "De terris Normannorum, dicunt quod Hugo le Bigod tenet Wyrithele nomine Johanne uxoris sue que fuit uxor Hugonis Wake...". The Chronicle of Lanercost records in 1255 a dispute involving "Hugonem de Bigod, fratrem Rogeri comitis Marescalli, pro uxore sua filia et herede dominorum de Stuteville".

A writ dated 6 Apr "4 Edw I", after the death of "Joan de Stutevill" names "Sir Baldwin de Wake her son is her next heir and of full age", and also refers to events "after the death of Hugh le Bigot sometime her husband". 1


24 Dec 1241

Joan, who was the wife of Hugh Wake , has made fine with the king by 10000 m. for having custody of all lands formerly of Hugh, her former husband, until the legal age of his heirs, together with their marriage. Order to the sheriff of Lincolnshire to cause her to have full seisin of all lands and tenements formerly of Hugh in his bailiwick on the day he died.

Calendar of Fine Rolls, 26 Hen. III.


2 Jan 1242

The king has granted to Joan, who was the wife of Hugh Wake , custody of all lands formerly of Hugh, her husband, to have to her or to whom she will wish to assign them until the legal age of Hugh's heirs, together with the marriage of the heirs, and that she may marry herself freely and without impediment to whom she will wish as long as he is at the king's faith, for the 9000 m. by which she made fine with the king, to the king's use, and for 1000 m. for the queen's gold, of which 10000 m. she is to render 700 m. to the king per annum, namely 350 m. at the Exchequer of Easter and 350 m. at the Exchequer of Michaelmas until the whole aforesaid debt is paid to the king, so that if Joan defaults in the payment of the first term, or the second, or the third or fourth, the sheriffs in whose bailiwicks she has lands are to levy 350 m. from her lands and chattels for each term not observed to the king's use and for the queen's gold. If she defaults in the payment of the fifth term or in any subsequent term before the aforesaid debt is paid to the king, whatever Joan or her assigns have paid of the aforesaid debt will be held as not paid and lost to them, and the custody of the aforesaid lands, with the aforesaid marriages, are to revert to the king and his heirs. The king has also granted that nothing is to be paid of the £20 which Hugh, her husband, was accustomed to render at the Exchequer per annum for the debt of Nicholas de Stuteville, her father , before the king has been satisfied of the aforesaid 10000 m., or until she defaults in paying the aforesaid fine, as aforesaid. The fine having been paid in the form aforesaid, then Joan is to begin to render at the Exchequer £20 per annum for the debts of Nicholas, her father, in the same manner as Hugh was accustomed to render them.

Calendar of Fine Rolls, 26 Hen. III.


12 Jun 1253, Windsor

Commission to Hugh le Bigod, appointing him to pay yearly to Thomas de Sabaudia or his attorney at the Exchequer, or at the New Temple, London, 500 marks of the 700 marks which he pays yearly at the Exchequer of the fine which Joan Wake his wife made with the king for the wardship of the land and heir of Hugh Wake, for the marriage of that heir, and for her marrying whom she would, so long as that fine endures, for the fee of the said Thomas of 500 marks a year which the king granted to him until he should provide for him in wards or escheats to that amount.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Hen. III, vol. 4, p. 197


28 Oct 1258, Westminster

Whereas the king sold to Joan late the wife of Hugh Wake the wardship of the land and heir of the said Hugh, before Hugh le Bigod took her to wife, no dower to the same Joan being assigned to her thereof, and whereas the heir is now almost of age, the king commands Gilbert de Preston, with others whom he shall associate with himself, to extend the lands whereof the said Hugh was seized in demesne on the day of his death, to wit, how much they are worth yearly in demesnes, homages, rents and all issues and assign her dower to tho said Hugh and Joan : with mandate to the sheriff of Lincoln to provide jurors.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Hen. III, vol. 4, pp. 654-655


Inquisition Post Mortem

195. Joan de Stutevill. 2

Writ, 6 April, 4 Edw. I. [1276]

Cumberland. Inq. Saturday after the octave of Easter, 4 Edw. I.

Lydel. The barony, including a capital messuage, 74½a. and 1r. land in demesne, 8 bovates land worth 36s., forelands and assarts without the forest, cottars paying 13s. 6d. yearly, a mill &c.
Eston. The advowson of the church.
Arthureth. 70a. and ½r. land in demesne, farmers holding 31 bovates land, forelands worth 61s. 2d., cottars paying 52s. 5d., 5½a. meadow, free tenants rendering 9s. 5d., a mill &c.
Stubhill. 27a. land in demesne, 24 bovates land, cottars paying 13s. 2d., a meadow rendering 6s., forelands worth 15s., and services of free tenants 2s.
Randolflevington. 33½a. and 1½r. land in demesne, 30½ bovates land, forelands rendering 10s.½d., cottars 15s. 3d., free tenants 3s. 3d., a marsh, a mill &c.
Bracanhill. A ward (Wardum), and there are there 14a. land in demesne, 10½ bovates land, cottars rendering 4s. 8d., and free tenants 5s. 8d.
Lydel. A forest in which are assarts or closes called Haytwayt, Mortwayt, Crosefeld, Kackledy, Standgarthesyde, Langlond, Brundscale, Gressehope, Baylli, Quelpedal, Nethyrbaylli, Cotgarth, Baburne, and Wygarthetwayt, a fulling-mill, and a water-mill.
Carlisle city. 6 burgages.
All which were held of the king in chief by service of 56s. cornage at the king's exchequer at Karlisle, and suit at Cumberland county (court).
Sir Baldwin de Wake her son, is her next heir and of full age.

[York.] Extent, Wednesday after the Close of Easter, 4 Edw. I. (defective.)

Kirkeby Moresheved. The manor (extent given), including tenants and cottars in Brauncedale, Farnedale and Duthethwayt, and a watermill rendering 18l. yearly, of which Sir John Denias was enfeoffed of 10l. yearly by [the said Joan] de Stutivile after the death of Hugh le Bigot sometime her husband, and the prioress of Keldholm and the vicar of the same take of the same mill ... in the moor rendering 20s., where were the sheepfolds of H. Bigot. And the said Joan enfeoffed the said Bald(win) [of the manor] of Kirkeby two years ago by her charter.
Heir as above.

[York.] Extent (undated).

Cotingham. The manor (extent given), including herbage of the park, and underwood in Suthwode, Northwode, Bentelewode and Westwode, held with Buttercram, Skreingham and Langeton, of the king in chief by service of 3 knights; of which Baldwin Wake held of her Buttercram and Skreingham, and John de Vescy the manor of Langeton, so that she held Cotingham only in demesne on the day she died. She held Cropton and Middelton in demesne of the king, which Nicholas Wake held of her, service unknown because those lands are of the tenure of Lidel, co. Cumberland. She held the manor of Kirkeby Morisheved of the heir of Mouubray by service of 10 knights, of which manor Baldwin Wake was seised before her death, two years ago.
Heir as above, aged 38.

[York.] Inq. concerning advowsons of churches and services &c. not mentioned at the extent (undated).

Cotingham. The advowson of the church.
Roule. The advowson of the church.
Etton. The advowson of the church.
Skraingham. The advowson of the church.
Midelton. The advowson of the church.
Cotingham. 27 bondmen doing works worth 13l. 10s. yearly, and a boon work worth 8s. 4d.
Hule. 44 bondmen doing works worth 11l.
Neuland. 16 bondmen doing works worth 48s.
Wolferton and Neuton. For beasts (avariis) in the pasture, hens and eggs, 7d.
Cottingham and elsewhere. From free tenants, 4lb. pepper, 5lb. cummin, two pairs of gloves, and twenty-two farm horseshoes (feruras aferorum) worth 7½d.

C. Edw. I. File 15. (2.)

  Marriage Information:

Joan married Sir Hugh WAKE, Knt., son of Sir Baldwin WAKE, Knt. and Isabel DE BRIWERE, before 29 May 1229. (Hugh WAKE died before 18 Dec 1241 on Crusade.)

  Marriage Information:

Joan also married Hugh BIGOD, Chief Justiciar of England, son of Hugh BIGOD, 3rd Earl of Norfolk, and Matilda MARSHAL of Pembroke, before 5 Feb 1243/4. (Hugh BIGOD was born about 1214 in Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, England and died shortly before 7 May 1266 in Thetford, Norfolk, England.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Joan de Stuteville.

2 Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, and other analogous documents, preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. II, Edward I, pp. 120-121.

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