Sir Baldwin WAKE, Knt.
(-By 1233)
Nicholas IV DE STUTEVILLE of Brincklow
Devorguilla DE GALLOWAY
(-Aft 1241)
Sir Hugh WAKE, Knt.
Joan DE STUTEVILLE, Heiress of Liddel & Cottingham
Sir Baldwin WAKE of Brunne, Knt.


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  • Ida WAKE+
  • Elizabeth WAKE
  • Joan WAKE
2. Hawise DE QUINCY, Heiress of Bidford

Sir Baldwin WAKE of Brunne, Knt.

  • Born: 1237/8, Bourne, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
  • Married (1):
  • Married (2): Before 5 Feb 1267/8
  • Died: 4 Feb 1281/2, Liddel, Cumberland, England

  Research Notes:

The Chronicle of Meaux, in Yorkshire, names "Baldewinum de Wake" as the son of "Hugo de Wake" and his wife "Johannam". A writ dated 6 Apr "4 Edw I", after the death of "Joan de Stutevill" names "Sir Baldwin de Wake her son is her next heir and of full age", and also refers to events "after the death of Hugh le Bigot sometime her husband". 1


BALDWIN WAKE, son and heir, said to be aged 38 in 1276, was given seisin of his lands, 20 October 1259. At Easter 1260 he came to London to aid the King; and in September 1261 he swore to be faithful to the Crown, and he was summoned to London to support Henry III, October following. He expressed his willingness, 13 December 1263, to accept the arbitration of King Louis in the quarrel between the barons and the King; but in the following year he was among the rebels captured by the Royal forces at Northampton and was imprisoned in Nottingham Castle. He was released after the victory of the barons at Lewes in 1264, but was again captured by Prince Edward at Kenilworth just before the battle of Evesham in 1265. Once again he escaped and opposed the King, seizing Fotheringhay Castle, Northants, and his name is mentioned among those who were with a force of armed men at Richmond. After suffering defeat in the company of the Earl of Derby at Chesterfield, May 1266, and having attacked the castle and sacked the city of Lincoln, he joined the rebels in the Isle of Axholme. He was granted protection, in summer 1266, to appear before the King, stood trial in the autumn and was pardoned, November following, if he accepted the Dictum of Kenilworth. In June 1267 he was granted exemption from assizes, juries and being made sheriff; and he obtained seisin of his mother's lands, 1 May 1276. He was present at the Council in Westminster which passed judgment on Llewelyn, November 1276, was summoned for service in Wales in 1277 and campaigned there in the household of the Earl of Gloucester. 2


17 Apr 1264, Nottingham

To Henry de Montfort, the king's escheator beyond Trent. Whereas serious disturbance and the most hardfought war has been brought about in the kingdom through [the actions of] Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, Hugh Despenser, and others of their accomplies, as well as by Simon de Montfort junior, Peter de Montfort, Baldwin Wake and certain others opposed to the king who lately detained his castle and vill of Northampton in hostile manner, on account of which, by the counsel of his magnates staying with him, it is provided that all lands and tenements of the king's aforesaid adversaries, and also of prelates and all others who owe him service and who have not yet performed it in the present expedition, be taken into the king's hand and kept safely until the king orders him otherwise...

Calendar of Fine Rolls, 48 Hen. III.


15 Nov 1269, Westminster

a charter whereby Baldwin Wak, knight, son of Hugh Wak gave to the same ten acres of land in the town of Brunne by the perch of eighteen feet, lying in Newelond between the land of the said Baldwin on the west and the land sometime of Sir Hugh son of Alvred de Brunne on the east,....

Calendar of Charter Rolls, 54 Hen. III, p. 127


2 May 1275, Westminster

Baldwin Wake acknowledges that he owes to John de Mohaut 35 marks; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in cos. Lincoln, York and Northampton.

11 Dec 1275, Reading

To the sheriff of Northampton. Order not to amove Isaac de Bedeford, the king's Jew [dwelling] Baldwin Wak's town of Strapeston, from that town against Baldwin's will before the quinzaine of Easter next, but to permit the Jew to trade there in the meantime...

Calendar of Close Rolls, 3 Edw. I, p. 232, 4 Edw. I, p. 259


2 May 1276, Westminster

To the barons of the exchequer. Order to supersede the distraint upon Baldwin Wak for the relief due from him to the king for his lands by the death of Joan de Stuteville, his mother, of whom he is the heir, as the king has granted respite to him until Michaelmas next.

To the sheriff of Cumberland, escheator in the same county. Order not to intermeddle further with the following lands, and to restore to Baldwin Wak anything received from the issues thereof since 1 May, in the fourth year of the king's reign, as the king took his homage on that day for the lands whereof Joan de Stotevill, his mother, was seised in her demesne as of fee at her death, and has rendered the said lands to him.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 4 Edw. I, p. 281


25 Apr 1277, Westminster

To the barons of the exchequer. Order to respite until otherwise ordered all debts exacted by summons of the exchequer from Baldwin Wake, who is going with the king in his expedition to Wales.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 5 Edw. I, p. 377


16 May 1280, Westminster

To the barons of the exchequer. Order to cause Baldwin Wake, son and heir of Hugh Wake, and co-heir of William Bruere, to be acquitted of the scutage of his fees in cos. Nottingham and Derby, as it appears by the late king's rolls of chancery of the 41st year of his reign that Hugh le Bygod had a writ to have scutage of the knights' fees held of the wardship of the aforesaid Hugh Wake in the said counties, the custody whereof was in the hands of Hugh le Bygod by the said king's grant, and the barons cause the scutage to be exacted from Baldwin.

26 Oct 1280, Westminster

To the justice of the Forest this side Trent. Order to cause Baldwin Wak to have six oaks fit for timber in the forest of Salcey (de Salceto), of the king's gift.

8 Nov 1280, Westminster

Grand to Baldwin Wake, and his heirs, of free warren in all his demesne lands of Kelleby, co. Lincoln, Skreingham, co. York, Stivington, co. Bedford, and Collum, co. Essex.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 8 Edw. I, pp. 12-13, 36; Calendar of Charter Rolls, 8 Edw. I, p. 233


28 May 1281, Westminster

Grant to Baldwin Wak, and his heirs, of a weekly market on Saturday at his manor of Brunne, co. Lincoln, and of a yearly fair there on the vigil, the feast and the morrow of the Holy Trinity and the five days following.

2 Aug 1281, Eastwood

Licence for Baldwin Wake to crenellate a chamber in his marsh of Stiventon, co. Bedford.

27 Oct 1281, Westminster

Ratification to Baldwin Wake and Hawisia his wife of the demise made to them by John de Aysse, vicomte of Tartas (Tartacensis), of the custody of the manor of Sutho, co, Huntingdon, which he had of the gift of the king by the extent of 40l. 2s. 8d. yearly, to hold from last Michaelmas and during the minority of the heirs of Margery, countess of Ferrers.

Calendar of Charter Rolls, 9 Edw. I, p. 250; Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 1, pp. 453, 459-460


24 Feb 1282, Quenington

Commission to Master Henry de Bray to make an extent by the oath of knights, &c., in the counties of Cumberland, Westmoreland, Northumberland, York, Lancaster, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Warwick, Lincoln, Northampton, Rutland, Oxford, Buckingham, Bedford, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Hertford, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, of aH the lands and tenements late of Baldwin Wake, deceased, and to return the same in one month from Easter.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 2, p. 44


Inquisition Post Mortem

439. Baldwin Wake, deceased. 3

Writ (missing).

Cumberland. Extent Wednesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 10 Edw. I.

Lydel. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants) including the site of a castle in which are a wooden hall, chapel, kitchen, grange, &c., a forest called Nichole forest containing 7 leagues in length and from 1 to 3 leagues in breadth, 2 water-mills and a fulling-mill, a fishery, a certain land called Kaerwyndlo, and the advowson of the church of Eston. Stubhull, which is a member of Lydel (extent given).
Arthuret (extent given), including a meadow called Halle Enge.
Carlisle. 6 tenants holding burgages. Licences of men of Roteland and Solom which are in Scotland for pasturing in the fields of Arturet. Levington, which is a member of Lydel (extent given).
Brakenhull. Three tenants holding 3 bovates land and rendering 17s., and 11 bovates land in Lydel, 11 in Carwendelowe, 24 in Stubhill, 8 in Speresele, 48 in Arthuret, 40 in Levington, 16 in Eston, 8 in North Eston, 4 in Brakenhulle, and 4 in Little Brakenhull are held of the lord by cornage, the tenants rendering 56s. yearly, and the lord shall answer for it to the sheriff of Cumberland for the king's use, and they shall do suit at the lord's court of Stubhil, and at the lord's mills, and owe wardship, relief, and aid in making his eldest son a knight and marrying his daughter.
Knights' fees and serjeanties pertaining to the manor of Lidel:- Dreg in Couplond. ½ fee held by William son of Thomas de Craystok; and ½ fee held by the lady of Aldingham in Furneys.
Torpeinou. The manor, excepting a sixth part thereof, held by Robert de Mulcastre by cornage; and a sixth part held by Richard le Brun by cornage.
Brunestach. The manor similarly held by Robert de la Ferte.
Solperte. The manor similarly held by Geoffrey de Tillel.
Eston, similarly held by John de Eston.
Northeston, similarly held by Walter de Mulcastre.
Arthuret and Stubhull. A tenement similarly held. Randulves Levington, similarly held by Richard de Kirkebride.
Brakenhull. A tenement similarly held by the heir of Benedict de Mulcastre.
Arthurete. A tenement similarly held by Robert de Arthuret.
Karwendelowe, similarly held by Robert de Crawendelowe and his partners.
Arthurete. (A tenement) similarly held by the heir of Hugh de Fosom.
Stubhill. A tenement similarly held by Emma Vivien.
Eston. A tenement similarly held by John Hardegill.
Slamed. A tenement similarly held by Walter de Crouesby (?).
Lidel. A tenement similarly held by William Sturjon; and a tenement held by Agnes de la More.
Eston. The church pertains to the manor of Lidel.

York. Extent Monday the morrow of Palm Sunday, 10 Edw. I.

Aton in Clivelond. The manor (extent given) including a plot (placea) called Ergum, a wood called Wystendale, a grove called Elmerege and a watermill called Westmulne and a fourth part of another mill called Estmulne, held of Sir Nicholas de Meynil in chief for ½ knight's fee, rendering 3s. of foreign (service) called wapentake fine. The said Sir Baldwin and Hawis his wife were jointly enfeoffed of 12 bovates and 12a. land and a fourth part of a watermill, by one Roger de Mosegrave to them and their heirs for ever.
Aton. 1 carucate land is held by Nicholas de Meynel, a toft and 4 bovates land by John Marchaund, 4 bovates land by Robert de Merton, and a toft by Robert le Taylour, all owing suit and foreign (service); and 1 carucate land held by the prior of Geseburn, and ½ carucate by the master of St. Leonard's, York, in frankalmoin.
Thormodeby. 6 bovates land are held by Robert de Thormodeby, owing suit and foreign (service).
Hemelington. The manor and 12s. 2d. yearly rent in Aton are held by the lady of Hemelington in dower, which were of Robert de Stotevill sometime her husband. Aton. The church is held by the abbot of Wetheby to his own uses.

York. Extent, Tuesday the eve of the Annunciation, 10 Edw. I. Kerkeby Moresheved. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants), including the park a league in circuit with 140 deer (ferarum), a wood called Westwode a league in length, a messuage and great close in Braunsedale held by Nicholas son of Robert Nussaunt rendering an arrow at Easter, rents of nuts and woodhens, 'gersume,' marchet and the tenth pig, a messuage called La Wodehouse, waste places called Coteflat, Loftischo, Godefreeruding, Harlonde, and beneath Gillemore Clif, dales called Farndale and Brauncedale, and waste places called Arkeners and Sweneklis, held of Roger de Munbray. Knights' fees pertaining to the manor:-

[York.] Berk', Musecotes and Wymbelton. 1 fee held by John de Vescy.
Warwick. Newebaud, Cossefford and Lalleford. 1 fee held by the heirs of Roger Pauntolf.
Northampton; Leicester; Warwick; Buckingham. (Unspecified). 4½ fees held by the heirs of Thomas de Wapenbiri.
Northampton; Sussex. Whywelton, Staureton and Grimescote in co. Northampton, and elsewhere (unspecified) in co. Sussex. 5½ fees held by the heirs of Roger de Wywelton.
Warwick. Brinkelowe. The manor held by Gilbert de Witteleburi rendering a sore sparrowhawk or 2s. yearly.
York. Cropton and Middelton. 1 fee held by Nicholas Wake. Wrelton, Aselakeby and Middelton. ½ fee held by Roger de Wrelton and his partners.
Wrelton. 1/8 fee held by Eustace de Perte.

York. Extent. Thursday after the Annunciation, 10 Edw. I.

Botercram alias Buterkram. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants), including the site of another messuage and lands in Skreingham, a thorny pasture called Rokelond, and lands in Ovegate Sutton, Barneby, and Grouthorp Mure, a rent of 12d. called Yolstock, turning hay in the meadow called Borghenge, passage of the bridge worth 10s., and a fishery of the water of Derwent worth 10s., held of the king in chief.
Knights' fees pertaining to the manor:- Bolteby, Ravenesthorp and Thirneby. 1 fee held by Alan de Walkingham. Cowesby, Nesse, Stivelingflete, Rippelingham and Brantingham. 2 fees held by Jordan Folyet. Calueton. 1/3 fee held by William de Lasceles. Bosdale and Claxton. Three parts of 1 fee held by John de Bossale. Schyreburn. 1 fee held by John de Vescy. Langeton. 1 fee held by the same. Upsal, Kilventon and Thorneberg. 1 fee held by Geoffrey de Upsale. Slengeby. 1 fee held by Robert Chambard. Flathewarth and Toraldethorp. ½ fee held by William (?) Boneface and Luke de Flathewath. Toraldethorp. ¼ fee held by William de Mortuo Mari; and ¼ fee held by Sibyl late the wife of Geoffrey de Mortuo Mari. Stivelingflet. ½ fee held by Robert de Grey. Clifford. ½ fee held by the heirs of Anketin Malore. Skrengham. 1/10 fee held by the heir of Richard son of Maurice; and 1/20 fee held by Plesencia (?) daughter of William le Bretun. Flaxton. 1/10 fee held by Richard de Dunstaple. Barneby. 1/8 fee held by Reginald de Captoft; and 1/10 fee held by Richard de Barneby.

York. Extent Thursday in Easter week, 10 Edw. I.

Cotingham. The manor (extent given), including a capital messuage, well built with a double ditch, and enclosed by a wall, cultures called Wyndgarth, Pertreflat, Molcastreflattes, Pelnarth, Lortelegh, Suth Derningham, North Derningham, Neubrek, Haverflattes, Safrundale, and Westlathes; meadows and pastures called Saltenges, Pelnarth, Estlandes, Wythes, Somereyong, the vaccary of Bayhus (?), Little Derningham, and ... crofte; a park well enclosed, 4 leagues in circuit, in which there are estimated 500 deer (ferarum); woods called Le Suthwode and Le Northwode; sheepcotes upon Nauendik; 'grundpeny' for 12a. meadow in Illemere from the men of Skipwyth; 10s. yearly from the men of Swinlond and Miton for watering their beasts in Derningamdik, 6s. from those of Braythueyt for watering in Ragwelle water, and 7s. from those of Sokene for pontage of Saltenges.
Knights' fees and advowsons pertaining to the manor:- York. Hesel upon Humber. ½ fee held by the heirs of Adam de Traneby. Etton. ½ fee held by Henry de Eton. Lincoln. Donington, Hemyngby, Navenby and Glentham. 2½ fees held by the heirs of Grace de Insula. York. Wytheton and North Cave. Three parts of 1 fee held by John de Meus. Willardeby, Wlfreton and Scolecotes. ½ fee held by the same John. Brantingham. 1/12 fee held by John de Kente. Alstonwik. ¼ fee held by John de Pateshulle. York; Lincoln. Skipwik (and ?) Wicheton, co. York, and Thorp in Lindes[eie], co. Lincoln. 1 fee held by John de Shipwik and his partners. York. Cotingham. 1/40 fee held by John Takel. Cotingham. The advowson of the church. Roule. The advowson of the church. Etton. The advowson of the church.

Lincoln. Extent. Sunday the Octave of Easter, 10 Edw. I.

Skeldinghop with its member of Hicham, (full extent given with names of tenants) including a culture called Pertrikesdyk; lands in Le Breckes, Renhull, Fenwong, Herberthull, Calvecroft, Stiwardewong and North-breckes, a park two leagues in circuit, a wood called Le Lund, the manor of Stanygod held by the heirs of Robert de Lek, rendering 6d., a custom called 'maltesilvre,' and 4s. from the township of Wadington for licence to improve the millpond of Wadington.

Lincoln. Extent. Tuesday after Low Sunday (diem dominicam qua cantatur Quasimodo geniti), 10 Edw. I.

Kelleby (full extent given with names of tenants), including a messuage and 1 bovate land in Rouceby held by Robert Lewen rendering 5s. and doing suit of court and foreign (service), and a toft and 1½ bovate land in Northroteby held by the abbot of Sweynesheved rendering 18d.

Lincoln. Extent Thursday after Low Sunday (defaced).

Brunne. The manor with its members of Calthorp, Dyk and Hermethorp (full extent given with names of tenants).
Knights' fees pertaining to the manor:- Lincoln. Creton. 1 fee held by Roger de Colevile. Someredeby. 2 fees held by the same. Rutland. Berk' and Went'. 1 fee held by the same. Lincoln. Repinghale and Hacumby. 1 fee held by John Gobaud. Ladington and Wisseby. 1 fee held by William de Wespiry, Northampton. Lokinton. ½ fee held by David de Flutewik'. Welleford. ½ fee held by the same. Lincoln. Estdeping. ½ fee held by Hugh Wake. Berham. ¼ fee held by Baldwin de Wasprey. Estdeping. 1/20 fee held by Osbert de Boby. Dyk'. 1/20 fee held by John son of John de Repinghal; 1/20 fee held by Joice Russel; and 1/20 fee held by Alexander de Poynton. Brune. 1/10 fee held by the heirs of Alfred de Brune. Morton. 1 fee held by Roger de Clifford the younger and Isabel his wife. Boby, Sproxton, and Borham. 1 fee held by Hugh de Boy. Carby. 2 fees held by Suspirius de Bayuse. Witham. ¼ fee held by Philip de Stanburn and Idonea his wife. Carleby, Brassingburgh, Brunne and Turleby. 2 fees held by John de Wasteneys. Withesthorp. ½ fee held by Ralph de Mortuo Mari; and ½ fee held by Thomas, son of Eustace. Bracebrigg, Burton and Metheringham. 1 fee held by John de Brace-brigg. [Hertford.] Estwyk and Chelesle. 1 fee held by Roger (?) de Tany. Rokhamstede. 1 fee held by ... G ... thynn (?) Brykendon. ¼ fee held by ... Bellere (?) Blakemere. ¼ fee held by Robert (?) de Blakemere. Rokesford. 1/8 fee held by ... Sella. 1/8 fee held by ... de la Sele. [Hertford ?] Stapelford. ½ hide land held by William le Loreng, rendering 2s. yearly [Rutland.] Alstanthorp. ½ fee held by ... de Danesy. [Leicester.] Kyleby. 1 fee held by William de Kileby. Atterton and Wytherdele. 1 fee held by John de Setgrave ; ¼ fee held by ... de Trop ; and two parts of 1 fee held by ... de ... [Leicester.] Thorp in le Clotts. ½ fee held by ... Sechevill. [Northampton.] Thrapston. ½ fee held by ... veer (?) Gerneseye Island. (Unspecified.) ½ fee held by the same. [Northampton; Buckingham.] Cotes, Neuton, Raundes, Filgrave and Lasceburi. 2 fees held by ... de Gatesden. [Derby.] Cestrefeld. 1 fee held by ... Boythorp. 1/8 fee held by ... ham. Killeburn. 1 fee held by ... de Killeburn and his partners. Lundechirche and Chelmerdon. 1 fee held by Richard de Saundiacre. [Nottingham.] Lambecote and Hukenhale. 2 fees held by John Torkard and William Pite. [Norfolk.] Kirkeby, Touneston, Stouue and Scepeden. 1 fee held by Thomas son of Robert. [Huntingdon.] Bukeswrth. ½ fee held by John de Bays; and ½ fee held by William Grimbaud. [Bedford.] Schelton. 1 fee held by Robert (?) de Suleby. [Northampton ; Bedford.] Heregrave and Dene. ¼ fee held by the same. [Buckingham.] Fylegrave. ¼ fee held by the same. Lavenden and Weston. 1 fee held by the heir of John Peyvre.

Lincoln. Extent, Friday after Low Sunday.

Deping. The manor, with its members of Est Deping, Stouwe and Bereham, (full extent given with names of tenants) including meadows called Cranemor, Smalemedewe, Forepark, Hevedlond, Westmedewe and Crosholm ; pastures of Milneholm, Buskes and other places; three mills from which Sir Reginald de Evermuwe shall receive 10l. for life for an exchange made of the manor of Kelleby to Sir Baldwin and his heirs, for which exchange the said Reginald also holds the manor of Bliseworth, co. Northampton, with the said 10l. for life, and the prior of Welesforde receives 8 marks, 2s. 2d., and Hugh de Boby and his heirs 50s. in fee ; a tenement in Carreby held by the lord of Careby, rendering 4s. for the guard of the castle of Roginham, and 2s. to the abbot of Burg'; rents from bondmen and cottars in East Deping, West Deping, Bernham, and Stouwe; and 4s. from the fishery of the river Welond. Summary of goods and chattels at the above manors, of which Aton, Kerkeby Morisheved, Hicham, Kelleby and Deping, with Steventon and Colle Quinci pertain to Lady Wak'.

C. Edw. I. File 31. (3.)


8 Sep 1282, Ruthin

Grant to...Edmund [Earl of Cornwall] during minority of the heirs, of the custody of the lands of Baldwin Wake, tenant in chief, with the knights1 fees, advowsons, dowers, wards, reliefs, escheats, &c., saving to the king the marriages of the said heirs.

8 Nov 1282, Rhuddlan

Acquittance for Edmund, earl of Cornwall, for 4,000 marks in part payment of 7,000 marks due from him for the custody of the lands and tenements late of Baldwin Wake.

16 Dec 1282, Rhuddlan

Acquittance to Edmund, earl of Cornwall, for the payment to Master William de Luda, keeper of the wardrobe, of 2,000 marks, in part payment of 7,000 marks which the said Edmund has agreed to pay for the custody of the lands late of Baldwin Wake.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 2, pp. 35, 40, 52


4 Jan 1283, Rhuddlan

Mandate to Master Henry de Bray to deliver to Edmund, earl of Cornwall, the manor of Skeldingho and all the other lands late of Baldwin Wake, tenant in chief, saving to Hawisia, late his wife, and others, their right in the said manor as adjudged in the king's court.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 2, p. 53

  Marriage Information:

Baldwin married Ela DE BEAUCHAMP, daughter of Sir William DE BEAUCHAMP of Bedford, Knt. and Ida DE LONGESPÉE. (Ela DE BEAUCHAMP was born in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England and died before 10 Jan 1266/7.)

  Marriage Information:

Baldwin also married Hawise DE QUINCY, Heiress of Bidford, daughter of Robert "the younger" DE QUINCY and Helen FERCH LLYWELYN, before 5 Feb 1267/8. (Hawise DE QUINCY was born about 1250 and died shortly before 8 May 1285 in Liddel, Cumberland, England.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Baldwin Wake.

2 Complete Peerage..., XII/2:299-301.

3 Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, and other analogous documents, preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. II, Edward I, pp. 258-262.

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