Darius (Da-rayawuš) I "the Great" HAKAMANISHIYA Emperor of Persia (521-486BC)
(550 B.C.-486 B.C.)
Atossa HAKAMANISHIYA Princess of Persia
Abihajil BEN SJIMI Commander of Persian foot division
Xerxes (Khsha-yar-shan) I HAKAMANISHIYA Emperor of Persia (485-465BC)
(-465 B.C.)
Esther BINT ABIHAJIL Empress of Persia
Artaxerxes (Artakhshathra) I Longimanus HAKAMANISHIYA King of Persia (464-424BC)
(-After 424 B.C.)


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1. Queen Damaspia of Persia
2. Alogyne of Babylon (Concubine)
3. Kosmartydene of Babylon (concubine)

4. Andia of Babylon (concubine)

Artaxerxes (Artakhshathra) I Longimanus HAKAMANISHIYA King of Persia (464-424BC)

  • Died: After 24 Dec 424 B.C.

   General Notes:

After Persia had been defeated at Eurymedon, military action between Greece and Persia had come to a standstill. When Artaxerxes I took power, he began a new tradition of drawing off the Athenians by funding their enemies in Greece. This indirectly caused the Athenians to move the treasury of the Delian League from the island of Delos to the Athenian acropolis. This funding practice inevitably prompted renewed fighting in 450 BC, where the Greeks attacked at the Battle of Cyprus. After Cimon's failure to attain much in this expedition, the Peace of Callias was agreed between Athens, Argos and Persia in 449.

Artaxerxes I offered Themistokles, who was the winner of the Battle of Salamis, asylum after Themistokles was ostracized (banned) from Athens.

The rebuilding of Jerusalem was begun by Nehemiah, Artaxerxes' cupbearer "in the 20th year of King Artaxerxes" (Nehemiah 2:1) or 445 B.C.

   Marriage Information:

Artaxerxes married Queen Damaspia of Persia. (Queen Damaspia of Persia died in 424 B.C..)

   Marriage Information:

Artaxerxes also married Alogyne of Babylon (Concubine).

   Marriage Information:

Artaxerxes also married Kosmartydene of Babylon (concubine).

   Marriage Information:

Artaxerxes also married Andia of Babylon (concubine), daughter of Nebuchadnezzar (Nabû-kudurri-us.ur) IV, King-Claimant of Babylon and Unknown.

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