Gutierre / Tello / Fernando NÚÑEZ
Unnamed 1st Wife
Cde Alfonso Díaz IN GRAJAL
(-By 1028)
Cdsa María
(-Aft 1031)
Cde Gutierre Alfonso DE CEA
(-Aft 1059)


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Cdsa Goto

Cde Gutierre Alfonso DE CEA

  • Married: Before Dec 1031
  • Died: After 1059

  Research Notes:

...Guterius Adefonsiz...Munnio Adefonso...Garsea Adefonso...” confirmed the charter dated 2 Aug 1026 under which "Didacus Fredenandiz et uxor mea Marina et filiis nostris" donated "Uilla Ualle de Ratario...hereditate que fecit Uincenti ad Fafila Olaliz avius istius Didaco Fredenandiz" to León Cathedral. The order of the names in the subscription list in this charter appears to confirm that Gutierre was the oldest of the three brothers, although in later documents Munio is named before his brother Gutierre. "…Maria comitissa, Munnio Afonso, Guttier Afonso, Garsia Afonso" confirmed the charter dated 24 Feb 1028 under which "Sarrazino presbiter" donated "ecclesia Sancti Iuliani et Baselisse…in villa…Demar" to Sahagún. "Gutierre Adefonsus…" confirmed the charter dated 14 Jun 1030 under which "Munnio Adefonsi prolix" donated "in locum…Ual de Rodias in illa Uarcena…quinta que me…inter fratribus" to Santa María de Piasca.

Conde: “...Munio Adifonso comite, Gutierre Adifonso comite...” witnessed the charter dated 24 May 1038 under which Fernando I King of Castile granted “castellum...Vierbele” to “Garcia Eneconis”. "…Comite Munio Adefonso, Guttier Adefonso comes…" subscribed the charter dated 17 Feb 1039 under which Fernando I King of León donated property to the monastery of San Pedro de Cardeñas. "Monnio Afonso" donated "populatione sub carrera in Uilla Ueica…ego comparavi de domna Maria…et illa serna que fuit de meo abolo Nunno Mirelliz" by charter dated 11 Feb 1042, the dating clause of which records "comites Monnio Afonso et Gutierre Afonso in Ceia et in Saldania". "Gutier Adefonso qui et Dux et uxor mea Godo et filiis nostris" donated his rights in Villavicencio and Villela to Sahagún monastery by charter dated 26 Mar 1044. "Monio Adefonso, Guter Adefonso, Monio Muniz, Petro Muniz, Osorio Osoriz" donated "quod visabus noster Nunnus Mirelliz construxit monasterium in territorio Bericense…Sancta Lucidia…ipse abius noster Nunnus Murelliz" to Astorga Cathedral by charter dated 13 Mar 1045. The dating clause of a charter dated 21 Feb 1047, under which "Munio Sarraciniz" donated “una heredad que fue de Tello Gonzalez...en Villavega de Rioseco” to “Diego Gonzalez”, records “comites Monio Adfonso et Gutierre Adfonso in Zeya et in Otero de Selles”. “...Monio Adefonsi comes, Guterius Adefonsi comes...” subscribed the charter dated 1 Oct 1047 under which Fernando I King of Castile confirmed properties to the bishop of León.

Conde de Cea 1048. "…Munio Adefonso, Guttier Adefonso…" subscribed the charter dated 31 Aug 1050 under which Ferdinand I King of Castile confirmed the union of the monastery of San Martín del Río with San Pedro de Cardeñas. "Gutier Adefonsus comes…cum uxor mea Gotto" donated half of the villa of Fuentecillas to Sahagún monastery by charter dated 1052. 1

  Marriage Information:

Gutierre married doña Goto, daughter of Gutierre / Tello / Fernando NÚÑEZ and his unnamed 2nd wife, before Dec 1031. (Goto died after 1052.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Gutierre Alfonso.

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