Dragomir NEMANJIC', Knez of Duklja and Trebinje [Montenegro]
Unnamed 1st Wife
Gavriil Radomir KUMET, Tsar of Bulgaria
Irina, Slave at Larissa
Vojislav NEMANJIC', King of Duklja
(-Abt 1043)
Unnamed KOMETOPOULAINA of the Bulgarians
(Abt 995-Aft 1055)
Mihailo NEMANJIC', King of Duklja
(Bef 1025-1081/2)


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1. Unnamed 1st wife

  • Vladimir NEMANJIC'+
  • Priaslav NEMANJIC'
  • Sergius NEMANJIC'
  • Deria NEMANJIC'
  • Gabriel NEMANJIC'
  • Miroslav NEMANJIC'
  • Konstantin Bodin NEMANJIC', King of Duklja, Tsar Petar of the Bulgarians+
  • [Unnamed daughter] NEMANJIC'
2. Unnamed 2nd wife (relative of the Byzantine Emperor)

Mihailo NEMANJIC', King of Duklja

  • Born: Before 1025, Duklja, Serbia
  • Married (1):
  • Married (2): After 1056
  • Died: 1081/2
  • Buried: Monastery of St Sergius & St Bacchus

  Research Notes:

The Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja records that "Voislav" married "the niece of emperor Samuel" by whom he had five sons (in order) "Goyslav, Michael, Saganec, Radoslav and Predimir", recording that Mihailo received "Oblik, Prapatna and Cermeniza" on the death of their father.

Mihailo succeeded in [1046] as Knez of Duklja. Cedrenus records that "Michaelas Stephani filius" succeeded his father in "Triballorum ac Serborum principatum" and agreed a treaty with Emperor Konstantinos X Monomachos who awarded him "protospathiariique…honore", dated to [1050]. After the death of his brother Gojislav in Trebinje, Mihailo defeated the rebel leader Domanek and installed his brother Saganek as Knez of Trebinje [1052/54]. The Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja records the rebellion of "men from Tribunia called Scrobiniesi [who] murdered Gojislav and his brother Predimir and set up their leader Domanech as ruler", that the brothers "Michael, Saganic and Radoslav" marched on Trebinje, and that Radoslav killed Domanech and captured the "region of Chelmena". The Chronicle records that, after the death of the queen, her son Mihailo "received the kingdom", which dates the event to after the death in battle of his older brother Gojislav.

He declared himself MIHAILO King of Duklja. Skylitzes names "Bulgariæ princeps Michaelem" and "suo filio Constantino, cui Bodino cognomen erat", dated to [1073/75]. He sought an alliance with the Papacy aiming to establish a separate archbishopric in Duklja, and received a crown from the Pope in 1077.

The Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja records that King Mihailo died after reigning for 35 years and that he was buried in the monastery of "the Martyrs Saints Sergius and Bacchus".

Married firstly ---. The name and origin of Mihailo's first wife are not known.

Married secondly, ---, a Greek. The Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja records Mihailo's second marriage (after his accession) to "a Greek woman…a relative of the emperor" and names "Dobroslav, Petrislav, Nicephorus, Theodorus" as their four sons. Fine says that Byzantine sources do not mention Mihailo's second marriage, but comments that Emperor Konstantinos IX Monomachos (died 1055) ruled Byzantium at the time and suggests that he was the emperor to whom Mihailo's second wife was related. However, the phrase "relative of the emperor" may have been used to indicate that the king's new bride was from a Byzantine noble family, many of whom were distantly related to one or other of the emperors.... Fine also says that Mihailo's eldest son by his second marriage was about 25 years old when he succeeded as king of Duklja. If this is correct, it would indicate that the marriage took place much later than 1055. 1

  Marriage Information:

Mihailo married . . . . . . .

  Marriage Information:

Mihailo also married a relative of the Byzantine Emperor after 1056.


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Vojislav.

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