St. Vladimir I "Velikiy/the Great" Svyatoslavich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev
(Abt 958-1015)
Rogned (Ragnheid) RAGNVALDSDÓTTIR, Princess of Polotsk
(Abt 956-Abt 999)
Óláfr "Skotkonung/under-King" ERIKSSON, King of Sweden
(Bef 985-1022)
Estred of the Obotrites, Queen of Sweden
Yaroslav I "Mudriy/the Wise" Vladimirovich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev
(Abt 978-1054)
Ingigerd OLAFSDÓTTIR, Princess of Sweden
(Abt 1001-1050)
Vsevolod I Yaroslavich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev


Family Links

1. Maria [Irena] MONOMACHINA of Byzantium

2. Anna of the Kumans
  • Rostislav Vsevolodich RURIK, Prince of Pereyaslavl
  • Ievpraxia Vsevolodovna RURIK, Princess of Pereyaslavl
  • Iekaterina Vsevolodovna RURIK, a Nun
  • Ianka (Anna) Vsevolodovna RURIK, Abbess of Janczyn

Vsevolod I Yaroslavich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev

  • Born: 1030, Pereyaslavl, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Married (1): 1046, Constantinople
  • Married (2):
  • Died: 13 Apr 1093

  Research Notes:

The Primary Chronicle records the birth of Vsevolod "a fourth son" to Vladimir in 1030. Snorre names "Valdemar, Vissivald and Holte the Bold" as the children of "King Jarisleif" & his wife.

In accordance with the terms of his father's testament, he succeeded in 1054 as Prince of Pereyaslavl, the territory including Rostov, the whole Volga, Oka and Klazma river basin and the region of Bielooziero. He was defeated in [1062] by the Kuman [Cumans], in their first attack against Rus. He was forced out of Pereyaslavl and retreated to Kiev. He was appointed to succeed his brother Sviatoslav as Prince of Chernigov in 1073.

He succeeded his brother in 1076 as VSEVOLOD I Grand Prince of Kiev, but was deposed in 1077 by his older brother Iziaslav. His nephew Oleg Sviatoslavich claimed Chernigov after the death of his father Sviatoslav, but was expelled by Vsevolod in Apr 1078. Oleg returned with support from the Kuman [Cumans] to take Chernigov by force, defeating Vsevolod on the river Sozh, east of Pereyaslavl, 25 Aug 1078. Prince Vsevolod thereupon sought support from his brother Iziaslav, and they defeated Oleg 3 Oct 1078 at Nezhatin Meadow near Chernigov, where Prince Iziaslav was killed. Vsevolod was restored once more as Grand Prince of Kiev in 1078 after Prince Iziaslav's death.

The Primary Chronicle records the death 13 Apr 1093 of Vsevolod son of Yaroslav and his place of burial. 1

  Marriage Information:

Vsevolod married Maria [Irena] MONOMACHINA of Byzantium in 1046 in Constantinople. (Maria [Irena] MONOMACHINA was born between 1030 and 1035 and died in Nov 1067.)

  Marriage Information:

Vsevolod also married Anna of the Kumans. (Anna died on 7 Oct 1111.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Vsevolod Iaroslavich.

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