Ingvarr (Igor) RURIK, Duke of Novgorod
(Est 915-Abt 945)
St. Olga, Duchess of Kiev
Malk of Lyubech
Svyatoslav I Igorevich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev
(Abt 938-972)
Malusha of Lyubech, Mistress
St. Vladimir I "Velikiy/the Great" Svyatoslavich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev
(Abt 958-1015)


Family Links

1. Rogned (Ragnheid) RAGNVALDSDÓTTIR, Princess of Polotsk

2. Anna MAMIKONIAN, Byzantine Princess
0. Unnamed wife of Iaropolk Svyatoslavich RURIK, Mistress
  • Svyatopolk Vladimirovich "Okayanniy/the Damned" RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev
0. Olava, Czech Mistress
  • Vysheslav Vladimirovich RURIK, Prince of Novgorod
0. Unnamed Mistresses
  • Svyatoslav Vladimirovich RURIK, Prince of the Derevlians
  • Boris Vladimirovich RURIK, Prince of Rostov & Novgorod
  • Gleb Vladimirovich RURIK, Prince of Murom
  • Pozvizd Vladimirovich RURIK
  • Sudislav Vladimirovich RURIK, Prince of Pskov
  • Premyslava Vladimirovna RURIK, Princess of Kiev
  • Stanislav Vladimirovich RURIK, Prince of Smolensk
  • Dobronega Maria Vladimirovna RURIK, Princess of Kiev+

St. Vladimir I "Velikiy/the Great" Svyatoslavich RURIK, Grand Prince of Kiev

  • Born: Abt 958, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Married (1): Abt 977, Polotsk, Byelorussia
  • Married (2): 988, Khersones, Crimea
  • Married (3): After 1011
  • Died: 15 Jul 1015, Berestovo, Kiev, Ukraine

  Research Notes:

The Primary Chronicle names Yaropolk, Oleg and Vladimir as grandsons of Olga. The Primary Chronicle names Malusha, stewardess of Olga and sister of Dobrinya, as mother of Sviatoslav's son Vladimir, when recording that his father sent him to Novgorod in 970 with his maternal uncle after the inhabitants had demanded a prince of their own. After the death of his half-brother Oleg, Vladimir fled "beyond the seas" and governors were assigned to Novgorod. With support mustered in Scandinavia, Vladimir regained control of Novgorod. He captured Polotsk after killing Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk, who had refused Vladimir's offer to marry his daughter (whom he married anyway). He then moved southwards towards Kiev to attack his half-brother Iaropolk, who fled to Rodnia but was murdered when he returned to Kiev to negotiate with Vladimir.

He thereby succeeded in [980] as VLADIMIR I "Velikiy/the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev. In 981, Vladimir invaded Polish territory and conquered Czerwien, "Peremyshl" and other cities. After actively promoting the worship of pagan idols, he was baptised in [987/88] as part of an agreement to help Emperor Basileios II to defeat a rebellion. He increased his own personal prestige by marrying the emperor's sister and imposed Christianity on his people by force. He sought to rule his diverse territories by nominating his various sons to rule in different towns, although at the end of his reign he was faced with the rebellions of his son Iaroslav and his adopted son Sviatopolk.

Vladimir died while preparing for war with Novgorod following the suspension of payment of tribute by his son Iaroslav. Vladimir was described as "fornicator immensus et crudelis" by Thietmar. According to the Primary Chronicle, Vladimir had 300 concubines at Vyshgorod, 300 at Belgorod and 200 at Berestovo. The Primary Chronicle records the death of Vladimir at Berestovo 15 Jul 1015. He was later esteemed to be a saint, his feast day being 15 July. 1

  Marriage Information:

Vladimir also married Rogned (Ragnheid) RAGNVALDSDÓTTIR, Princess of Polotsk, daughter of Ragnvald (Rogvolod), Prince of Polotsk, about 977 in Polotsk, Byelorussia. (Rogned RAGNVALDSDÓTTIR was born about 958 in Polotsk, Byelorussia and died between 998 and 1000.)

  Marriage Information:

Vladimir also married Anna MAMIKONIAN, Byzantine Princess, daughter of Romanos II MAMIKONIAN, Byzantine Emperor, and Empress Theophano of Constantinople, in 988 in Khersones, Crimea. (Anna MAMIKONIAN Imperial Princess of the Byzantine Empire was born on 13 Mar 963 in Constantinople and died in either 1011 or 1022.)

  Marriage Information:

Vladimir also married Adelia VON ÖHNINGEN, daughter of Gf. Konrad I VON ÖHNINGEN, Duke of Swabia, and Richlind VON SACHSEN, after 1011. (Adelia VON ÖHNINGEN died after 14 Aug 1018.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Vladimir Sviatoslavich.

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