Edmund FITZ ALAN, 8th Earl of Arundel
Alice PLANTAGENET de Warenne
Henry "Wryneck" PLANTAGENET, 3rd Earl of Lancaster
Richard "Copped Hat" DE ARUNDEL, Earl of Arundel
(Abt 1313-1376)
(Abt 1318-1372)
Richard DE ARUNDEL, K.G., 11th Earl of Arundel


Family Links

1. Elizabeth DE BOHUN, Countess of Northampton

2. Philippa MORTIMER
  • John ARUNDEL

Richard DE ARUNDEL, K.G., 11th Earl of Arundel

  • Born: 1346, Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex, England
  • Married (1): Abt 28 Sep 1359
  • Married (2): 15 Aug 1390
  • Died: 18 Sep 1397, Cheapside, London, Middlesex, England
  • Buried: 21 Sep 1397, Augustine Friars, London, Middlesex, England

  Research Notes:

The will of "Richard Earl of Arundel and Surrey", dated 5 Dec 1375, bequeathed property to “Richard my son...my son Thomas Bishop of Ely...John my son...Joane my daughter [...Countess of Hereford]...Alice my daughter...the eldest daughter of my said son John...Henry and Edward the younger sons of my said son John...William another son of my said son John...my nephews and nieces sons and daughters of Roger le Strange and to my sister Dame Alaine le Strange wife to the said Roger...my...uncle John Arundell”.

He succeeded his father 1376 as Earl of Arundel. A member of the Council of Regency on the accession of King Richard II. The will of "Richard Earl of Arundel and Surrey", dated 4 Mar 1392, chose burial “in the priory of Lewes”, that “my...wife E...to be conveyed from her present tomb to the said place”, bequeathed property to “my...wife Philippa...hangings of the hall...with the arms of my sons the Earl Marshal, Lord Charlton and Monsr William Beauchamp...my sons Richard and Thomas...my daughter Charlton...my daughter Elizabeth...my daughter Mareschal...my daughter Margaret...my brother the Archbishop of York...my...sister of Hereford...my...sister of Kent...my mother of Norfolk...my...niece of Gloucester”.

He took an active part against the king with the Duke of Gloucester. Despite obtaining a pardon for his political offences in 1394, he was arrested 12 Jul 1397 and found guilty of treason. All his honours were forfeited. He was beheaded. 1


Extract from The Will of Richard Earl of Arundel.

Richard Earl of Arundel and Surrey, March 4th, 1392, 16 Richard II., in my Castle Philipp. My body be buried in the Priory of Lewes, in a place behind the high altar, which I have shewn to my beloved in God DanzJohan Chierlieu' Prior, and frere Thomas Asshebourne, my confessor. In case my most dear wife E., on whom God have mercy, be not there interred by me, I charge my executors that they cause my said wife to be conveyed from her present tomb to the said place, with the same form as the body of my most honored Lord and father was buried. If I die in England I desire that my corpse be privately conveyed to the said Priory, and I forbid any hearse, armed men, or other pomp, being allowed at my burial, but if I die out of England, and my body cannot be conveniently brought to that Priory, then I will that I be interred where my executors or those about me at my death may think proper; my Manors of Angermeryn, Wepham, Warnecamp, Soucstoke, Tottyngton, Upmerdon, and Pyperyng; whereas my most honored Lord and father, whom God pardon, devised to me by his will certain jewels and books, the greater part to remain in the Chapel in the Castle of Arundel, I will, &,c.; my mother of Norfolk; my dear wife gave me at our marriage a red vestment, &c. I will that my said wife retain the said vestment for her life, if she particularly wishes to have it to my most dear wife Philippa a blue bed marked with my arms and the arms of my late wife; also the hangings of the hall, which was lately made in London, of blue tapestry with red roses, with the arms of my sons the Earl Marshal, Lord Charlton and Monsr William Beauchamp; to my said wife Philippa her own cup called Bealchier, two salt cellars of silver which she gave me for my new years gift at Castle Philipp, likewise two candlesticks of silver for supper in Avinter, a pair of silver basons with my arms, and a pair of basons in which I was accustomed to wash before dinner and supper ; to my said wife the apparel for the heads of ladies, as well of pearls as other attire, which I gave my said dear wife in my life, so long as she lives, and after her decease I will that the said attire be immediately divided between my sons Richard and Thomas, because it appears likely they will marry, if God spares their lives, if they are not married before my death ; and also that my daughter Charlton have her part, equally divided between my said two sons and her, fully relying on my said wife, that if she be inclined to marry again, she will secure the said attire that it be not taken from my before named children ; to my son Richard a standing bed called Clove, also a bed of silk, embroidered with the arms of Arundel and Warren, also to my said son the hangings of the large hall of the arms of Arundel and Warren quarterly ; to my dear son Thomas, from the day of my death, £100 annually in aid of his maintenance, also the Manors of Begenever, Sullyngton, and Schapewyk, also my blue bed of silk embroidered with griffins, a piece of hanging which Monsr William Brian gave me, also the white and red hangings embroidered with my arms in the middle, which is generally at Ryegate ; to my dear daughter Charlton ; to my daughter Elizabeth a nonch with lions and crowns, which was given me by my very dear son her husband ; to my daughter Charlton my bed of red silk, which is generally at Reigate ; to my daughter Mareschal; to my daughter Margaret my blue bed, usually at London ; I will that my said daughter Margaret have annually for her maintenance 100 marks, until she be properly married, in aid of which marriage I bequeath 1,000 marks, to be paid by my executors, if she be not married during my life; to my most dear and honored brother, the Archbishop of York my cup enamelled with a stag on the top, in remembrance of me and my soul; to my dear sister of Hereford my cup with hearts; and to my dear sister of Kent my cup with trefoils, that is to say, if my said sisters assist in the fulfilment of my will ; to my mother of Norfolk a cross of gold in a red leather case, also an Agnus Dei of gold, enamelled, in remembrance of me and my soul ; to my honored lady and niece of Gloucester, in remembrance of me, and that she may be kind to my executors, a small tablet of gold with a crucifix within, "et la coronacioun en la summite, et enamaillez dehors"; to the house of Robertsbrugge to assist their building their sea walls £20; I will that the religious houses, especially Arundel, and also Lewes, Cichester, Winchester, Canterbury, Guildford, and London, be reminded by my executors that they are bound to pray for the souls of my honored Lord and father, my most honored Lady mother, and my most dear wife, God that for his great mercy and passion which he suffered for them and for all Christians, may have mercy on the three, and us also when we pass out of this life. Amen ; to frere Thomas Asshebourne, my confessor, to keep my soul in remembrance, 100 marks ; I will that the advowson of Yvele sold, but in case the said Church be vacant before the advowson can be sold, and either of my sons willing to be a man of Holy Church, be able to accept and occupy it, then I desire my feoffees to present him to it, otherwise my clerk Robert Pobelowe, if he be then alive and wishes to have it ; and if the said Robert be not alive or does not desire it, then I will that the said Church be given to my chaplain Sir John Gamil, but if the said John does not accept it, or be dead when it becomes vacant, then I will that it be presented to my next of kin who may be able to hold it ; if my goods, &c. be not sufficient to pay my debts and legacies my house of Poult- ney ' to be sold, but if it be not necessary to sell it, then I desire my feoffees to render it as securely as possible to my right heirs the Lord of Arundel for ever; I will that the coronet, bible in two volumes, and a pair of decretals' in French, a large gold chain, with certain other jewels and relicks contained in a small box fastened with silver and massive lions gilt, which my honored lord and lather, on whom God have mercy, devised tome and my heirs, remain for ever from heir to heir Lords of Arundel, in remembrance of him and of his soul, and if my said heir be under age, I desire that my executors put the said coronet, bible, decretals, and jewels, in a secure place, until he arrive at full age, and then to deliver them to hlin as they will an- swer before God, my said honored Lord and father, whom God pardon, and me at the Day of Judgment ; to my most dear son Charlton a cup ; to Monsr John Cobham a cup ; to Monsr Richard Scrope a cup; to frere Thomas Asshebourne a cup ; to Monsr Payn Tiptoft a cup of silver, and two of my best horses; to Monsr William Percy a cup; to John Cokkyng, Thomas Younge, and Thomas Harlyng, each a cup in remembrance of me. And I constitute and appoint the Reverend Father in God, my most dear and honored brother of York, my dear son Charlton, my dear friends Monsr John de Cobham, Monsr Richard le Scrope, Monsr Payn Tiptoft, frere Thomas Asshebourne, Sir Robert Pobelowe, Sir John Gamul called Russel, John Cockyng, Thomas Yonge, and Thomas Harlyng, my executors. 2

  Marriage Information:

Richard married Elizabeth DE BOHUN, daughter of Sir William DE BOHUN, 1st Earl of Northampton, K.G., and Elizabeth DE BADLESMERE, about 28 Sep 1359. (Elizabeth DE BOHUN died on 3 Apr 1385 and was buried in Lewes, Sussex, England.)

  Marriage Notes:

Date of marriage contract

  Marriage Information:

Richard also married Philippa MORTIMER, daughter of Edmund III MORTIMER, Earl of March, and Philippa DE CLARENCE, on 15 Aug 1390. (Philippa MORTIMER was born on 21 Nov 1375 in Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, England and died on 24 Sep 1401 in Halnaker, Sussex, England.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands, Richard.

2 Testamenta Vetusta..., Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq., 1826, Vol. 1, pp. 129-134.

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