Odo (Eudes) DE ROUERGUE Comte de Toulouse
(Abt 832-919)
Garsinde D' ALBY
Cte Ermengaud (Armengol) I DE ROUERGUE Count of Gothie
(Abt 860-937)
Adélaïde (Adelheid)
(Abt 870-)
Raymond I DE ROUERGUE Count of Rouergue


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Berta D' ARLES

  • Raymond II DE ROUERGUE Count of Rouergue
  • Hugues DE ROUERGUE
  • Ermengaud DE ROUERGUE

Raymond I DE ROUERGUE Count of Rouergue

  • Married: 945
  • Died: 9 Sep 961

   Research Notes:

"Ermengaudus comes et filius suus Regimundus et Rainus vicecomes et vicarius" donated property "in pago Ruthenico in ministerio Curiense in villa…Seviniaco" to Vabres by charter dated Jan [934], subscribed by "…Ugone filio Ermengaudo, Bernardo vicecomite, Ildoino, Adalone".

He succeeded as Comte de Rouergue. Duke of Aquitaine 936, Marquis de Septimanie. Seigneur de Quercy et d'Albigeois. Notice concerning the privileges of the church of St Medardi de Prisca was given before "Regimundum comitem" by charter dated 13 Jul 960. The treatise of Bernard scholasticus of the church of Angers records that "Ragemundi", father of "urbis Ruthenicæ comes Ragemundus", was killed "in via sancti Jacobi" (en route to Santiago de Compostela).

The testament of "Raymundus comes" is dated 961, donated property acquired from "Guillelmo comite consanguineo meo" (identified as Guillaume II Duke of Aquitaine, Comte d´Auvergne?), and bequeathed property for life to the following beneficiaries (not all of whom can be identified): "alodes…in Nemosense…castello…Casso" to "Bertanæ" and after her death to "Raymundo filio suo" and if he died without heirs to "Bernardo et uxori suæ Adelais", and in case of their death without heirs to "Hugo"; "alode de Plumberias…de Balarug…de Palagio…de Caucos" to "Bertanæ et Raymundo filio meo"; a donation of "alodes qui fuerunt Amelio vicecomite de Carcassona…in Narbonensi"; "alode de Brocello" to "Bernardo filio Rotgerio"; "alode de Bricio" to "Froterio episcopo"; "alode de Francitia" to "Berengarius"; "ecclesia de Sancto Marcello" to "Bernardo episcopo"; "alode de Loveziaco Sancta Cæcilia" to "Nodbertus"; "alode de Sancto Victore, Sancti Vincentii" to "Ermengaudus abbas"; "alode de Vertucio" to "Bernardo et uxoris suæ Adelaus"; "alode de Carliago" to "Rogerio filio Arnaldo"; "alode de Donadfrancio" to "Willelmo Garcianæ"; "alode de Sancti Martini de Bellocasso" to "Bosomeus"; "alode de Circiolis" to "Ugoni nepote meo" and after his death half to "Arnaldo et filio suo Siguino"; "alode de Losolario" to "Hugo filius noster"; "alode de Bellopogio" to "Aymericus"; "alode de Malopertuso…" to "Ugoni nepoti meo" and after his death to "Raymundo fratre suo"; "alode de Laugiago…Fessago…Campoguidano…Valencio" to "Ademario vicecomite Tolosano"; "alode de Braciaco…castello…Vuandalors" to "Raymundo filio meo et Hugoni filio meo"; "alode de Genebrerias" to "Raymundo et Amalvino fratre suo"; "parte…in castello de Gordone et…alode de Godronense" to "Aymerico…et Geraldo filio suo et ad filios Geraldo"; "castello de Caganione…castello de Parisio" to "Hugoni et Ermengaudo fratre suo"; "ecclesia de Sancto Simplicio" to "Stephanus et filius suus"; "castello de Albinio" to "filios meos quos…habeo de filia Odoino"; "manso de Carausiaco" to "filia mea quam habeo ab ipsa filia Odoini"; "alode de…Hermo" to "Ingelberto"; "alode de Elvas" to "Jaldeberto…Grimaldo fratri suo"; "alode de Laugiaco" to "Stephano"; "alode de Lobegiaco" to "Genesio", "Rocha inter Aymerico et Genesio" and if Genesius died childless to "Geraldo fratre suo"; "ecclesia de Lobegaico" to "Galberto"; "alode de Livrone" to "Raymundo filio Umberto", "alode de Gignalio" to "Bernardo filio Umberto…mater illorum"; "castello de Cerveria…de Sancto Laurentio…de Petrilense…de Granolheto…de Mala-Morte…de Dargon…de Ventagione…de Monasterio" to "Raymundo filio meo"; adding that the testator made the donations for the souls of "…fratres meos".


   Marriage Information:

Raymond married Berta D' ARLES, daughter of Boso DE VIENNE Marchese of Tuscany, Count of Arles and Willa DE HAUTE-BOURGOGNE, in 945. (Berta D' ARLES died after 18 Aug 965.)

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