Cyrus (Koroush) I HAKAMANISHIYA King of Anshan (c.652-600BC)
King Astyages (Ishtovigu) of Media (584-550BC)
Aryenis MERMNADAE Princess of Lydia
Cambyses (Kambujiya) I HAKAMANISHIYA King of Anshan (c.580-559BC)
(Abt 600 B.C.-559 B.C.)
Princess Mandane of Media
Cyrus (Koroush) II "the Great" HAKAMANISHIYA
(Abt 590 B.C.-Abt 528 B.C.)


Family Links

1. Meshar- Meshayyanath BINT SHEALTIEL
2. Princess Neithiyti of Egypt

3. Amytis II, Princess of Media
4. Kassandane HAKAMANISHIYA Princess of Persia

Cyrus (Koroush) II "the Great" HAKAMANISHIYA

  • Born: Abt 590 B.C.
  • Died: Abt Apr 528 B.C., Afghanistan

   General Notes:

was the founder of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenid dynasty. As leader of the Persian people in Anshan, he conquered the Medes and unified the two separate Iranian kingdoms; as the king of Persia, he reigned over the new empire from 559 BC until his death. The empire expanded under his rule, eventually conquering most of Southwest Asia, much of Central Asia, and much of the Indian frontier to create the largest nation the world had yet seen.

During his 29-year reign, Cyrus fought against some of the great states of the early Classical period, including Media, Lydia, and Babylon. Cyrus did not venture into Egypt, as he himself died in battle, fighting the Massagetae along the Syr Darya in August 530 BC.

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   Marriage Information:

Cyrus married Meshar- Meshayyanath BINT SHEALTIEL.

   Marriage Information:

Cyrus also married Princess Neithiyti of Egypt, daughter of King Haibre Wahibre of Egypt (587-570BC) and Unknown.

   Marriage Information:

Cyrus also married Amytis II, Princess of Media, daughter of King Astyages (Ishtovigu) of Media (584-550BC) and Aryenis MERMNADAE Princess of Lydia. (Amytis II, Princess of Media was born about 585 b.c. and died about 554 b.c..)

   Marriage Information:

Cyrus also married Kassandane HAKAMANISHIYA Princess of Persia, daughter of Pharnaspes HAKAMANISHIYA Prince of Anshan and Atossa HAKAMANISHIYA Princess of Anshan.

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