P'arnavaz II (Bartom) ARTAŠĒSID, King of Iberia
(-30 BCE)
K'art'am K'UJISUNI, King in Colchis
(-Abt 30)
Unnamed ARTAŠĒSID, Princess of Iberia
Aderki (P'arsman I) K'UJISUNI, King of Iberia


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Unnamed ARTAŠĒSID, Princess of Armenia

Aderki (P'arsman I) K'UJISUNI, King of Iberia

  • Married:
  • Died: 58

  Research Notes:

Son of Pharnabazus II's daughter by K'art'am (son of Souromaces I's daughter by a grandson [jisculi, here, obviously, in the sense of 'descendant'] of Pharnabazus I's daughter); born posthumously, his father having been killed at the same time as Pharnabazus II. He became King of Iberia at 30, having defeated in a single combat Artaxias II...; and he reigned for 57 years. During his reign, the Iranian Monarchy became consolidated, and the Iberians and the Armenians obeyed it. — This, though the wording seems to imply a reference to the rise of the Arsacids, can only refer to the resumption of Iran's aggressive foreign policy in Armenia under Vologases I. — (As Pharasmenes), having become reconciled with his brother Mithridates, he helped him to become King of Armenia under Roman suzerainty in 35. In 51, being at an advanced age and having long reigned in Iberia, Pharasmanes helped his son (by his earlier wife) Radamistus, whom he feared, to dislodge Mithridates from the Armenian throne and to become King instead. But, sometime before 58, he had Radamistus executed. The last certain mention of Pharasmanes seems to be in 58. So far, then, the traditional regnal years of Pharnabazus I to Pharasmanes I have been vindicated. 1


Mirian II ... restored the Parnavazid dynasty to the Kartlian throne... [He died 10 years later] in 20 BC.

Mirian was succeeded by his son Arshak II (or Arsuk), who had an Armenian mother. In AD 1, however, he was challenged by Aderki, the son of the Colchian Kartam and of the daughter of Parnavaz II of the Artaxiad dynasty. Aderki's army killed Arshak II: the second overthrow of Parnavaz I's dynasty. King Aderki (King Rok to the Georgian chronicles) was known abroad, and probably ruled, as Parsman (Pharasmanes) I.

Under the rule of Parsman I, Iberia at first lived peacefully with its neighbours, particularly the warriors of the north Caucasus: that alone deterred its southern and eastern neighbours from antagonizing Parsman, who had Roman protection. 2

  Marriage Information:

Aderki married an unnamed daughter of Tigranes IV ARTAXIAD, King of Armenia, and Erato ARTAXIAD, Queen of Armenia.


1 Chronology of the Early Kings of Iberia, Cyril Toumanoff, p. 12, in Traditio, Vol. 25 (1969), pp. 1-33. In a footnote Toumanoff writes: "The reference to the Iberians as vassals, together with the Armenians, of Iran is erroneous here in view of the pro-Roman policy of Pharasmanes I and his successors, Mithridates I and Pharasmanes III... The mention of the two peoples in one breath is something like a consecrated formula in early Georgian historical writings, symbolizing the essential unity of the Caucasian oikumene."

2 Edge of Empires: A History of Georgia, Donald Rayfield, 2013, p. 29.

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