Vrt'anēs SOUREN-PAHLAV, Kat'oghikos of Armenia
Trdat III "the Great" ARŠAKUNI, King of Armenia
(Est 270-331)
Ashken, Queen of Armenia
(Est 280-)
St. Yusik I SOUREN-PAHLAV, Kat'oghikos of Armenia
Unknown ARŠAKUNI, Princess of Armenia
At'anakines SOUREN-PAHLAV of Armenia


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Bambish ARŠAKUNI, Princess of Armenia

At'anakines SOUREN-PAHLAV of Armenia

  • Married:
  • Died: 353, Aštišat, Taron, Armenia

  Orthographic variations: At'anagines, At’anaganes, Athenogenes

  Research Notes:

[It] was not only the mass of Armenian people who strayed from the Christian path [after the murder of Yusik, Catholicos of Armenia]. In this period even Yusik's own sons were said to have failed to live up to their father's reputation: "The two brothers went and entered the episcopate and drank wine with whores, harlots, bards, and jesters, and scorning the blessed and sacred places, they trampled on them. Later, so Phaustus says, both were struck by lighning and killed.

In 335 C.E., finally, a worthy successor was appointed to the position of Catholicos: a man called Nerses, Yusik's grandson.... 1


The sons of Yusik, Pap and At'anagines led their lives in impiety, lewdness and God-hating. Every day of their lives passed in great audacity, without the fear of God before their eyes. They conducted themselves in a licentious way, in adultery, and ridiculed and scorned the order of God. Now it happened that they were in the Taron country at the church in the awan at Ashtishat, the first church which their grandfather, Gregory, had built, Pap and At'anagenes, the two brothers, went and reached that village. With great impiety they were ridiculing the temple of God. The two brothers went and entered the episcopate located there and drank wine with whores, harlots, bards (gusans), and jesters, and, scorning the blessed and sacred places, they trampled on them.
While they were in great merriment, reclining in the episcopate eating and drinking, suddenly the angel of the Lord appeared in the form of a bolt of lightning, striking the two brothers dead where they sat. The other people who were with them in the temple making merry and sitting with them, up and fled from the temple, one and all. Out of terror not one of them turned back, nor did anyone else dare think of going inside or even of approaching the door which had remained open when they fled. On the following days, no one dared to cross the threshold.
Thus did the two brothers, Pap and At'anagines, perish, felled inside the episcopate in the spot where they reclined. The doors of the temple remained open, and no one dared to approach. Finally their bodies rotted, spoiled, and decomposed, and their bones came apart and scattered. Many months passed. Then [the people] dared to enter, collect and remove their bones which had become withered and dry. They removed them to the church vineyard, which was named Agarak. At'anagines was survived by a son from the king's sister, Bambish, named Nerses. Subsequently [Nerses] came to occupy the throne of the patriarchs, throughout the entire country of Armenia. Pap was not survived by any son from his natural wife. However, he had relations with a concubine from the district of Taron [who was] of the karchazats of Hac'eac' village. From this Hac'ekac'i concubine who was named ____, [name missing] [Pap] was survived by a son called Vrik. 2

  Marriage Information:

At'anakines married Bambish ARŠAKUNI, Princess of Armenia, daughter of Khosrau III "Kotak/the Small" ARŠAKUNI, King of Armenia. (Bambish ARSHAKUNI died after 348.)


1 Ancient Worlds: An Epic History of East and West, Michael Scott, 2016, p. 320.

2 History of the Armenians, P'awstos Buzandac'i, Book 3, 19.

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