Harald EYSTEINSSON King of Haithabu
(Abt 750-804)
(Abt 764-)
Halfdan HARALDSSON King of Haithabu
Harald II Klak HALFDANSSON King of Haithabu


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Harald II Klak HALFDANSSON King of Haithabu

  • Died: 844, Battle of Walcheren Island, Netherlands

   Research Notes:

Einhard's Annales record that news of the death of "Hemmingus Danorum rex" arrived in 812, that "Sigifridus nepos Godofredi regis et Anulo nepos Herioldi quondam regis" both claimed the succession, and that the faction supporting "Anulonis" was victorious, with "fratres eius Herioldum et Reginfredum" being installed as kings. The Annales Fuldenses record the death in 812 of "Hemmingo Danorum rege", the succession dispute between "Sigifredo nepos Godofredi regis et Anulo nepos Herioldi", the battle in which both were killed but which Anulo's supporters won, and the accession by "Herioldum et Reginfredum fratres eius regis". Adam of Bremen names "Reginfridum et Haraldum" as successors to Anulo without specifying their relationship to each other, recording that the sons of Godefrid devastasted the kingdom, forcing Harald to seek help from Emperor Louis I. Einhard's Annales record that "Harioldus et Reginfredus reges Danorum" sent envoys to Emperor Charlemagne in 812 asking for the release of "fratrum suum Hemmingum". They made peace with Charles I King of the Franks, but were driven from Denmark by the sons of King Godefrid. The Annales Fuldenses record that Emperor Louis sent a Frankish army to help "Herioldo Danorum regi" against "filios Godafridi" in 815. He and his brother Reginfred attacked the sons of King Godefrid in 814 in an attempt to regain the throne but were defeated, after which Harald "came to the emperor [Louis I] and put himself under his protection". Einhard's Annales record that "Harioldus et Reginfredus reges Danorum" who, in the previous year had been expelled from Denmark by "filiis Godofredi", attacked again in 814 but "Reginfridus et unus de filiis Godofredi qui maior natu erat" were killed while "Herioldus" sought protection from the emperor. Einhard's Annales record that the Saxons and Abotrites, with "Baldrico" imperial legate, crossed "Aegidoram fluvium in terram Nordmannorum vocabulo Sinlendi" in 815 to help the deposed Harald King of Denmark. King Harald was restored as king by Emperor Louis I "le Pieux" in 819 with the help of the Obotrites. Einhard's Annales record that "Harioldus" was appointed joint-king by "filiis Godofredi" in 821. Thegan records the baptism of “Heriolt de Danais...et uxorem eius” at Ingelheim together with the grant to him of “magnam partem Fresonum”. The Annales Fuldenses record that "Herioldus cum uxore et magna Danorum multitudine" were baptised at Mainz in 826, when he was given the territory of Rüstringen on the mouth of the Weser in upper Frisia, the first portion of Frankish land to be ceded to the Danes. The Chronicon Roskildense records that "Haraldus rex Danorum…frater eius Hericus et uxor regis" was baptised in 826 at Mainz by "Othgario archiepiscopo". The Vita Hludowici Imperatoris records that "Herioldum" was expelled from Denmark [in 827] by "filii Godefridi Danorum quondam regis". The Annales Bertiniani record that "Gualacras" (Walcheren) was granted to "Herioldo" by Emperor Lothaire in 841.

   Marriage Information:

Harald married Sigrid HELGISDÓTTIR, daughter of Helge "Hvasse" FRIDLEIFSSON and Aslaug SIGURDSDÓTTIR. (Sigrid HELGISDÓTTIR was born about 812 in Ringerike, Akershus, Norway.)

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