Seleukos I Nikator Seleukid, King of Syria
(Abt 358 BCE-281 BCE)
Apama of Sogdiana-Bactria
(-Abt 280 BCE)
Demetrios I Poliorcetes Antigonid, King of Macedonia
(337 BCE-283 BCE)
Phila of Macedonia
(-287 BCE)
Antiochos I Soter Seleukid, King of Syria
(Abt 324 BCE-261 BCE)
Stratonike Antgonid of Macedonia, Queen of Syria
(Abt 317 BCE-254 BCE)

Antiochos II Theos Seleukid, King of Syria
(Abt 286 BCE-246 BCE)


Family Links

1. Laodike Seleukid, Queen of Syria

2. Berenice Syra, Princess of Egypt
  • Antiochos Seleukid (d.y.)

Antiochos II Theos Seleukid, King of Syria

  • Born: Abt 286 B.C.E.
  • Married (1):
  • Married (2):
  • Died: Jul/Aug 246 B.C.E.

  Orthographic variation: Antiochus II SELEUCID

  Research Notes:

Antiochus II Theos, born ca. 286, Eusebius reports he was forty years old when he died in July/August 246 (Chron. I, p. 251; Sachs and Wiseman, “A Babylonian King List,” p. 206). After the death of his father, Antiochus II ruled without a co-regent (Parker and Dubberstein, Chronology, p. 21). The first years of his reign saw him fighting in Asia Minor and Thrace (Memnon, in Jacoby, Fragmente, no. 434 F15; Polyaenus 4.16). During most of his reign he was preoccupied by the Second Syrian War, which ended ca. 251. The peace agreement included the marriage of Berenice, the daughter of Ptolemy II, to Antiochus, who repudiated Laodice and her two sons. The result was instability at the Seleucid court and the mysterious death of Antiochus while reunited with Laudice at Ephesus (Will, Histoire politique, pp. 234-48). The neglect of the eastern provinces during the reign of Antiochus II probably contributed to the growing independence of Bactria under Diodotus, Parthia under Androgoras (q.v.), and the region of Astauene under Arsaces. The satraps appear to have become increasingly dependent on the Greek and native inhabitants of their provinces to defend the northern and eastern frontiers, while the Seleucid king remained in the west (Will, op. cit., pp. 281-90). 1

  Marriage Information:

Antiochos married Laodike Seleukid, daughter of Achaeos I Seleukid, Prince of Syria.

  Marriage Information:

Antiochos also married Berenice Syra, Princess of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy II, King of Egypt.


1 Encyclopædia Iranica, Antiochus.

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