Khosrau (Chrosroe) II Parvez "the Victorious" SASSANID Emperor of Persia (590-628)
Princess Sirin of the Ephtalites
Shahrijar SASSANID Prince of Persia
Yazdgard (Yazdagird) III SASSANID Shah of Iran (632-651)
(Abt 605-651)


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Manyanh HERAKLINA Princess of Byzantium

  • Izdundad SASSANID, Princess of Persia+
  • Shahr Banu (Harar) SASSANID, Princess of Persia

Yazdgard (Yazdagird) III SASSANID Shah of Iran (632-651)

  • Born: Abt 605
  • Died: 651, Marv

   General Notes:

Shah of Iran in southwestern Asia, between 16 June 632 and 651. He witnessed the Arab invasion in 633. He saw his army overwhelmed by the Arabs in 637 in the Battle of Kadisiya. He saw his army defeated by the Arabs in 641 in the Battle of Neharend. He fled his land for Media in 641.

the last king of the Sassanid dynasty and a grandson of Khosrau II (590–628), who had been murdered by his son Kavadh II of Persia in 628. Yazdgerd III ascended the throne on June 16, 632 after a series of internal conflicts.

Yazdgerd III reigned as a youth and never truly exercised authority. In his first year the Arab invasion of Persia began, and in 636 the Battle of al-Qa-disiyyah decided the fate of the Persian empire.

Arabs occupied Ctesiphon, and the young King fled into Media. Yazdgerd III then fled eastward from one district to another, until at last he was killed by a local miller for his purse at Merv in 651.[1]

The rest of the nobles who fled settled in central Asia where they contributed greatly in spreading Persian culture and language in those regions. They also contributed to the establishment of the first native Iranian dynasty, the Samanid dynasty, which sought to retain some Sassanid traditions while still promoting Islam.

The Zoroastrian religious calendar, which is still in use today, uses the regnal year of Yazdegerd III as its base year. Its calendar era (year numbering system), which is accompanied by a Y.Z. suffix, thus indicates the number of years since the emperor's coronation in 632 CE.

According to Shia sources, Yazdgerd III's daughter Shahr Banu reportedly married Husayn ibn Ali, Muhammad's grandson, and gave birth to the fourth Shia Imam, Ali Zayn al Abidin. Yazdgerd's son Pirooz fled to China.

   Marriage Information:

Yazdgard married Manyanh HERAKLINA Princess of Byzantium, daughter of Heraklios II Konstantinos, Emperor of Byzantium (641) and Gregoria HAKAMANISHIYA Princess of Persia.

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