Wandalar, Ostrogothic Chieftan
Theodemir DI PANNONIA, Ostrogothic Chieftan
Ereleuva, Mistress
Theodoric I DI PANNONIA, Ostrogothic Chieftan
(Abt 451-526)


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0. Unnamed Mistress

1. Audofledis MEROVING
  • Amalasuintha DI PANNONIA+

Theodoric I DI PANNONIA, Ostrogothic Chieftan

  • Born: Abt 451, Vernona in Pannonia
  • Married (1): Abt 492
  • Died: 30 Aug 526, Ravenna

  Research Notes:

Iordanes names "Theodericum" as son of Theodemir, in a later passage naming his mother "Erelieva concubina". Herimannus names "Theodericus, Theodmari filius, rex Ostrogothorum" when recording his arrival in Italy. He was sent as a hostage to Constantinople at the age of seven in [459/61], returning in [469/70] to assume control of the part of the kingdom formerly ruled by his uncle Valamir, under his father as overall king. He left Pannonia with his father in [473], settling at Kyrrhos in Macedonia where his father named him as his successor in 474. However, by 476 Theodoric had moved back across the Danube and settled in lower Moesia in the city of Novae-Svištov. While Emperor Zeno was planning to resettle his contingent in Dacia, Theodoric marched westwards to join his relative Sidimund at Durazzo. He marched against Greece in 482 and forced Emperor Zeno to conclude a treaty under which Theodoric was named consul for 484 at Constantinople and given Dacia ripensis and parts of lower Moesia.

He acquired Roman citizenship to serve as consul, adopting the name FLAVIUS AMALUS THEODERICUS. Procopius records that “duce Theoderico” was "patricius" and later was appointed to the "consularem" by Byzantium. In 487, he began an offensive against Constantinople, but was bought off by rich presents brought by his half-sister Amalafrida. He led the Ostrogoths on the move again in 488 into Italy, where he put King Odovacar to flight in Aug 489. Theodoric captured Verona, then Milan and Pavia, establishing his capital in the latter. King Odovacar counter-attacked, but was again defeated 11 Aug 490. He compromised with Theodoric in Feb 493, agreeing to joint rule over Italy, but Theodoric captured and personally killed Odovacar after entering Ravenna.

He was proclaimed THEODORIC "the Great" King of Italy by the Gothic army in Mar 493, with his capital at Ravenna. He was recognised as ruler in the west by Emperor Anastasius at Constantinople in 498. Relations with the Franks, cemented by King Theodoric's marriage in [492], deteriorated somewhat in [506] when the Franks persecuted the Alamanni who were under Theodoric's protection. However, despite the close family ties with the Visigothic kingdom after his daughter's marriage with the Visigothic king, King Theodoric was unable or unwilling to provide the necessary military support for his son-in-law against the Franks at the battle of the Vouillé in 507. King Theodoric acted nominally as regent in the kingdom of the Visigoths 507-526 during the minority of his grandson Amalric King of the Visigoths, but declared himself king of the Visigothic kingdom in 511, although he appointed his sword-bearer Teudis (who later succeeded as king of the Visigoths) as governor. He annexed the Visigothic territory between the Alps and the Rhône to the kingdom of Italy, and re-established the Gallic prefecture at Arles in 510.

The Marii Episcopi Aventicensis Chronica records the death in 526 of "Theudoricus rex Gothorum in urbe Ravenna". He died from dysentery. 1

  Marriage Information:

Theodoric married Audofledis MEROVING, daughter of Childerich I MEROVING King of the Salian Franks and Basina VON THÜRINGEN, about 492. (Audofledis MEROVING died on 30 Apr 535 in Ravenna.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands, Theodoric.

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