Cde Guifré I 'el Pilós/El Velloso' DE BARCELONA
Guinidilda [DE BARCELONA]
(-By 900)
Cte Ermengaud DE ROUERGUE et de Quercy, marquis de Gothie
(Est 870-Aft 935)
Adélaïs (Adélaïde) [DE CARCASSONNE]
(-Aft 935)
(-Aft 954)


Family Links

1. Ledgarde DE TOULOUSE

2. Aimerudis


  • Married: 968 or before
  • Died: 30 Sep 993

  Research Notes:

The Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium names (in order) "Borellus, Ermengaudus et Miro" as the three sons of "Sunyer", specifying that "Borrellus filius Suniarii comitis Urgelli" succeeded his cousin "Seniofredus" in Barcelona. His parentage is confirmed by the charter dated 23 Nov 934 under which “Suniarius…comes et Marchio” donated property to the church of Girona, for the souls of “patri meo Wifredi quondam, vel fratri meo Wifredi quondam…vel filio meo Borrello”. “Suniarius comes ac marchius et uxor mea Richildes comitissa” donated donated property to the church of Barcelona, for the souls of “patri meo condam qui fuit Guifredi comitis et matri mea condam qui fuit Guidinillis comitissa et fratri meo qui fuit condam Borrello proles meos condam Ermengadus et Borrellus”, by charter dated 16 May 944.

He succeeded his father in 950 as Comte de Barcelona, Girona, Osona, i Urgell. "Borrellus comes" donated property "in comitatu Ausona in…Tolosa", inherited from "genitori meo Suniario", to Ripoll Sant Joan by charter dated 19 Feb 955. "Ricildis comitissa" donated property to the abbey of la Grasse by charter dated 954 before 31 Aug subscribed by "Miro comes, Borellus comes", the subscribers assumed to be her sons. "Borrellum et Mironem uterque fratres et marchiones comites" donated property to Monserrat, as requested by "condam Richilli comitissa" in her testament, by charter dated 27 Dec 956. He formed an alliance with Fernando González Conde de Castilla and García III Sánchez King of Navarre against Caliph Al-Hakam II. The alliance was, however, unsuccessful and comte Borrell was defeated by the governor of Zaragoza in 965. “Borrellus...comes et marchio et coniux nostra Ledgardis comitissa” sold “ecclesia de sancti puig de Granolers” to “Assolf” by charter dated 25 Jun 972 “in anno primo quo natus est filius eius Raimundus”. "Borrellus…comes et marchio cum coniuge Leudgardis chomitissa" sold the castle of Queralt to "Witardo vicecomite" by charter dated 15 Jul 976. "Borrellus…chomes et marchio" sold property to "Unicfredo que vocant Amado" by charter dated 11 Jun 977, subscribed by "Ledgardis comitissa, Ansulfo, Vuitardus vicescomes…". "Borrellus…comis et marchio" sold property "in comitatum Orgillitense in villa Cuilare seu Montan-Goncello" to "Reisendo et uxori tue" to the abbey of Gerri by charter dated 24 May 979. He concluded a treaty with the caliph, marking the end of Catalonia's historic dependence on the Frankish kingdom, although the treaty was broken by al-Mansur who captured Barcelona in 985. “Borellus…comes et marchio…filios meos Raymundo et Ermengode” ordered the security of “castro…Cardona”, constructed by “avus meus Wifredus comes et marchio”, by charter dated 9 Apr 986, subscribed by “Geribertus vicecomes…Gocefridus frater Borelli comes”. "Borrello…Hibereo duci atque marchiso" donated property to Sant Cugat del Vallés by charter dated 10 Mar 988, subscribed by "Eimerud…comitissa, Miro, Raimundus comes, Ermengaudis…Suniarius comes…". "Borrellus…comes et marchio" exchanged property with "uxori mee Ermerud comitissa" which she held "in comitatu Urgellense" by charter dated 5 Sep 988 which names "fratri meo Mironi comiti…condam" and is subscribed by "Raimundus comes filio Borrello comitis". "Borrellus comes et marchio" sold property "in comitatu Urgellitano in valle Castro Leoni" to "Gillelmo vicecomite et uxori tue Sancia" by charter dated 8 Oct 988.

The testament of "Borellus comes" dated 24 Sep 993 provides for the disposition of his titles between his successors... The Annales Barcinonenses record the death in 993 of "Borrelli comes Barchinonensis". 2

  Marriage Information:

Borrell married Ledgarde DE TOULOUSE, daughter of Cte Raimond III DE TOULOUSE and Gundinildis, in 968 or before. (Ledgarde DE TOULOUSE was born between 950 and 953 and died after 16 Apr 980.)

  Marriage Information:

Borrell also married Aimerudis. (Aimerudis died after 992.)


1 Racines et Histoire, Lignages, Comtes de Toulouse, Origines de la Dynastie dite "Raymondine" Comtes, p. 6.

2 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Ramon Borrell [I].

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