Chlodio "le Cheveleu", Chief of the Salian Franks
(-Abt 447)
Merovech, Chief of the Salian Franks


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Merovech, Chief of the Salian Franks (447-458)

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  • Died: 458

  Research Notes:

The Merovingian dynasty is named for him. Ruled the Franks from 448 to 457.


It is not known whether Merovech, after whom the dynasty was named, was a purely mythical figure or if there is some factual basis for his existence.  If he did exist, his precise ancestry is not known.  Gregory of Tours writes that "some say that Merovech, the father of Childeric, was descended from Chlodio" but this is the only reference he makes to Merovech in his work.  The early 8th century Liber Historiĉ Francorum names "Merovechus de genere eius" as successor to Chlodio, commenting that he gave his name to the dynasty. Fredegar asserts, colourfully, that Merovech was conceived when Chlodio's wife went swimming and encountered a Quinotaur. It is possible that Merovech succeeded Chlodio as leader of the Franks in Roman Gaul. Assuming that he did enjoy some sort of leadership role over some or all of the Frankish tribes in Gaul, it seems inappropriate to attribute the title "king" to Merovech. In the first place, it is likely that his leadership was localised. In addition, Roman domination continued until the overthrow in 476 of the last Roman Emperor in the West, Romulus Augustulus, and no documentary evidence has so far been found which suggests that there was a sub-level of Frankish administration under the Roman emperor, despite the fact that imperial authority was in decline during the later years.] 1

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1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands, Chapter 2, Kings of the Franks.

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