Conde Munio Rodríguez DE GUZMÁN
(-Abt 1075)
(-Aft 1042)
Munio Muñoz DE GUZMÁN
(-Aft 1086)
Velasquita MUÑOZ
(-Aft 1085)
Jimena Muñoz DE GUZMÁN
(Est 1060-1128)


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0. Infante don Alfonso VI DE CASTILLA y León

Jimena Muñoz DE GUZMÁN

  • Born: Between 1055 and 1065
  • Married: not married
  • Died: Abt 23 Jul 1128, Espinareda del Bierzo, El Bierzo, León, Spain

  Research Notes:

The precise parentage of Jimena Muñoz has been the subject of considerable debate over recent years. The common connection with Ulver, where she was recorded, appears conclusive in determining that she was closely related to Munio Muñoz who was also recorded in the same castle.... Her birth date, estimated from her having given birth to two children in the early 1080s, suggests that she was his daughter rather than his sister (assuming that Munio´s parents are correctly identified as Munio Rodríguez and Jimena Ordóñez... ). The Chronicon Regum Legionensium names "Jimena Muñoz" as the first of two concubines of King Alfonso, and their daughters "Elvira the wife of count Raymond of Toulouse…and Teresa the wife of Count Henry". The Chronicon de Cardeña names “Ximena Nuñez” as mother of the king´s daughters “la Infant Doña Elvira è la Infant Doña Teresa”. Kerrebrouck states that Jimena Múñoz was King Alfonso VI's second wife, married before the end of 1078 (marriage annulled), but this is chronologically difficult to maintain. King Alfonso's relationship with Jimena lasted long enough to produce two children. The last documentary reference to Queen Inés is dated 22 May 1077, while King Alfonso's marriage to Queen Constance took place in late 1079. This leaves insufficient time for the king to have married and had two legitimate children by Jimena between these two marriages. The reference in Kerrebrouck to the annulment of King Alfonso's alleged marriage to Jimena is presumably based on Pope Gregory VII's letter of 27 Jun 1080 which, among other things, objected to King Alfonso's "marriage" on the grounds of consanguinity. The letter does not name the wife whose marriage was objected to, but Reilly appears correct in concluding that "it can be no other than Queen Constance herself", given the likely date of her marriage and the likely date of birth of her daughter Urraca. Reilly suggests that King Alfonso VI's relationship with Jimena started in [1081/82].

"Monnio Moniz, uxor sua Velasquita, Xemena Moniz, Petro Velaz, Sol Sancxiz…" subscribed the charter dated 1 Oct 1085 under which "Gelvira Petriz…cum viro meo…Godino Citiz" donated property in Priaranza to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes. The dating clause of a charter dated 7 Feb 1093, under which "Petro Quizaz" sold property in Salas de los Barrios to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes, names "Scemena Monniz in Ulver". ["Garcia Monnuiz…cum uxor mea Fronille Annalaz cognomento Sol et Pelayo Monniuz et Auro Villito et Monniuz" donated property in Jagoaza to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes, and "Xemeno Monniuz" sold "mea porcione quam habui inter fratres meos" of the same property, by charter dated 26 Sep [1095]. It is possible that "Xemeno Monniuz" in this document is an error for "Xemena Monniuz". However, the dating clause which names "Comes Froyla Didaz imperante in ipsa terra de Iorres" suggests that the property was in a different area from "Ulver" and therefore that the two families were unrelated.] The dating clause of a charter dated 17 Dec 1096, under which "Vellite Ferrudiz et uxor mea Falella" sold property in Salas de los Barrios to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes, names "…Xemena Munniz in Ulver". The dating clause of a charter dated 21 Mar 1097, under which "Maria" donated property in Rimor to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes, names "Donna Xemena Monniz imperante ipsa terra de Ulver". "Xemena Munniz" donated property in Salas de los Barrios to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes by charter dated 26 Apr 1101. "Potestas in illa terra donna Xemena" and "Xemena Monnuz imperante terra de Ulver" is named in dating clauses of other charters which record donations to San Pedro de Montes, dated 1099, 29 Jun 1100, 26 Aug [1103], 19 Apr [1104], 19 Jan [1107]. The dating clause of charters dated between [1115] and 15 May 1118 name "Johanne Petriz potestate in Ulver", and from 6 Mar 1126 "Ramiro Froilaz", suggesting that the Muñoz family moved from the castle in [1107/15]. "Ximena Munniz" donated property in "Trebalio et Turres" to "nepotis mei…Garcie Fernandiz" by charter dated 18 Apr 1127. Jimena Muñoz donated property in "la villa de Torres, discurrente rivulo Orbico, territorio Astoricensis" to the Order of St John by charter dated 18 Sep 1127[893]. "Jimena Muñiz" donated property "en Villar de Salas en el Bierzo" to Astorga Cathedral by charter dated 25 May 1128.

Doña Jimena retired to the Benedictine convent of Esinareda del Bierzo. An inscription in the monastery of Espinareda records the death in 1128 of "Semena Alphonsi vidui regis amica", although Rodríguez González highlights the opinion that the monument is a later forgery. Sandoval records that "Ximena Nuñez" was buried in "San Andres de Espinareda". The necrology of León Cathedral records the death “X Kal Aug” of “Xemena Moniz”. 1

  Marriage Information:

not married


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Jimena Muñoz.

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