Gerhard "Flamens" VON WASSENBERG
(-Aft 1053)
Gf. Dietrich "Flamens" VON WASSENBERG
(-Abt 1082)
Gf. Gerhard VON WASSENBERG, Graaf van Gelre
(-Bef 1129)


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Gf. Gerhard VON WASSENBERG, Graaf van Gelre

  • Married:
  • Died: Before 1129

  Research Notes:

The Chronicon S. Huberti Andaginensis records that, after the death of their father, "Gerardus et Gozwinus filii eius [=Theodericum]" donated “sex mansos allodii apud Bridam, quæ sub Traiecto sita est in Taxandria”, dated to 1082. The 17th century compilation Antiquitas Ecclesiæ Andaginensis Sancti Petri records that “Henricus et Gerardus filii comitis Flamensis” donated “in Brida, infra Trajectum in Taxandria, sex mansos”. Although this refers to the same donation recorded in the Chronicon S. Huberti Andaginensis, it is not known whether the compiler based his information on another document which no longer survives or whether he copied the information incorrectly from the Chronicon. As noted below, Gerhard is recorded with a brother named Heinrich, although the sources in which he is named suggest that he was younger than Gerhard.

Graf von Wassenberg 1087. The Gesta Abbatum Trudonensium records that "Gerardum…de castello…Guassenberge et Gozwinum avunculum eius de castello…Heinesberge" introduced abbot Luipo into the abbey of Saint-Trond in 1085. "Gerardus de Gelre, Arnoldus comes de Berge, Waleramus comes de Lemburg, Gerardus comes de Iuliaco…" signed the charter dated 1085 under which Friedrich Archbishop of Köln donated property to Kloster St Martin, Köln. "Heinricus…Romanorum imperator augustus" confirmed a donation of property "in Traiecto quam comes Gerardus de Wassenbergen invaserat" to St Servatius, Maastricht by charter dated 1087.

Graaf van Gelre 1096. "…Gerardi comitis de Gelre et fratris eius Henrici…" witnessed the charter dated 1096 under which "Ida Boloniensis comitissa" donated property in "Genapia" to Afflighem abbey. Friedrich [I] Archbishop of Köln confirmed the donation of property "in Horenchusen…[et] in Dorwilere" made to Köln St Maria by "Meginherus de Randenrode cum neque uxorem neque filium haberet", in the presence of "fratre suo Hartberno", by charter dated 13 Apr 1104 witnessed by "Gerhart de Gelleron comes, Gerhart comes de Iulicho et frater eius Gerlach, Gerhart de Hochstaden, Dieterich de Mere, Heriman de Zulpico…". Friedrich [I] Archbishop of Köln donated serfs to Köln St Severin, with the consent of "Francone urbis nostre prefecto", by charter dated 1109, witnessed by "Gerhardo comite de Gelre, Adelberto de Safenberg, Adelberto de Nervennich, Herimanno de Udenkircha, Gerhardo de Julicho, Gerhardo de Hoinstathe, Gerlacho de Isenburch et fratre sui Regenbaldo, Harperno de Randenrothe…". Friedrich [I] Archbishop of Köln donated property to Kloster Rees by charter dated 1112 witnessed by "Henricus dux de Lintburg, Almer advocatus, Hugo, Adolf comes de Safenberk, Advocatus Teodericus, Comes Gerhardus et filius eius Gerhardus…". "…Gerhardus comes de Gelleren et filius eius Gerhardus…" witnessed the charter dated 1117 under which Friedrich Archbishop of Köln donated property to Meregelpe. Friedrich [I] Archbishop of Köln confirmed the dismissal of "comes Gerhardus et frater eius Heinricus" from the Vogteischaft of Kloster Siegburg by charter dated 5 Apr 1118 witnessed by "Comes Gerhardus et frater eius Heinricus, Comes Adolfus de Monte, Comes Adolfus de Saphenberg, Comes Gerhardus de Iuliaco, Gerhardus iunior filius Gerhardi, Gerhardus de Caesle, Arnulfus de Odenkirche". Friedrich [I] Archbishop of Köln confirmed donations to Kloster Dunwald and shared the Vogteischaft with "comitis Adolphi" by charter dated 1118 witnessed by "Adolfus comes de Monte et frater eius Euerhardus, Gerardus comes de Wassenberg […et filius eius Gerardus], Theodericus comes de Thonburch, Theodericus comes de Ara, domnus Goswinus de Hennesberg et frater eius Gerardus…Gerardus de Wyckerode…". "Comes Gerhardus" founded a church "in meo allodio Wassenberg" by charter dated 30 Sep 1118. [Friedrich [I] Archbishop of Köln confirmed a donation to Kloster Siegburg by charter dated 1129 witnessed by "…Liberi. Paganus dux, Franco burgicomes, Gerhardus comes de Gelre, Adolfus comes de Monte, Adolfus comes de Saffenberg…". The necrology of Wassenberg records the death 24 Oct [1131] of “dominus Gerardus Longus comes Gelrie, qui fuit fundator et dotator huius ecclesie in Wassenberg”. It is unclear from this document whether it refers to Gerhard [I] or Gerhard [II]. 1

  Marriage Information:

Gerhard married Clementia [VON BRAUNSCHWEIG]. (Clementia died after 1141.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Gerhard von Wassenberg.

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