(Abt 1200-)
(Abt 1200-)
Cadwallon AP MADOG
(Abt 1234-Abt 1277)
Morgan AP MAREDUDD, Arglwydd Tredegar
(-Abt 1332)


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Morgan AP MAREDUDD, Arglwydd Tredegar 1

  • Married:
  • Died: Shortly before 21 Oct 1331

  General Notes:

Compiler's 19 x great-grandfather

  Research Notes:

Morgan ... was the leader of the Glamorgan insurgents during the rising of Madog ap Llywelyn in 1294-5. Owing to personal grievances against the De Clares, he claimed to be at war only against the lords of Glamorgan. He may, therefore have been Morgan ap Maredudd, a direct descendant of Rhydderch ap Iestyn; his father, Maredudd, the last native lord of Caerleon, had been deprived twenty years earlier by Gilbert de Clare. He has also been described in one contemporary chronicle as Rhys ap Morgan, which suggests some confusion with Rhys, the younger son of Morgan Fychan ap Morgan Gam. Morgan submitted to the king in July 1295, and obtained royal clemency. His daughter, Angharad, was an ancestress of the Morgan of Tredegar family. 2


Named as heir in the Inquisition Post Mortem taken after his father's death (1277/8).


14 Jul 1297, Westminster

Appointment of Walter Hakelutel and Morgan ap Meredyth to select 900 Welshmen of the land of Morganou to set forth and cross the sea with the king on his service, so as to be at Landaf by St. Peter ad Vincula to receive the king's wages and to set forth thence, so as to be at the port of Winchelse a week afterwards ready to cross.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 3, p. 294


15 Mar 1298, Sandwich

[Safe conduct, for fifteen days,] for Welshmen of West Wales returning home from Flanders under their conductor, Morgan ap Mereduth.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 3, p. 335


1 Jun 1301, Kenilworth

Appointment of William de Caumvill, Warin Martyn and Morgan ap Mereduk to bring Welsh footmen from South Wales and West Wales to the number already enjoined upon them to Carlisle by Friday after Midsummer, to set forth thence with Edward, prince of Wales, against the Scots.

22 Jun 1301, Tynemouth

Appointment of Walter de Pederton, Philip ap Howel and Master Rees ap Howel to pay the foot conducted by William de Caumvill, William Martyn and Morgan ap Mereduk their wages until they arrive at Carlisle.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 3, pp. 597, 598


27 May 1306, Westminster

To the sheriff of Salop and Stafford. Order to meet Griffin ap Res and Morgan ap Mereduk and the Welshmen in their company when they shall enter his bailiwick, and to conduct them in person throughout his bailiwick safely and securely, not permitting any wrong, annoyance or grievance to be inflicted upon them, and to make proclamation that victuals and other necessaries in places through which they shall shall pass shall be exposed for sale for their money, as Edward, prince of Wales, is sending Griffin and Morgan to conduct certain Welsh footmen from Wales to Scotland to him, there to stay with him for the repression of the rebellion of the king's enemies there....

Calendar of Close Rolls, 34 Edw. I, pp. 446-7


6 Jun 1307, Carlisle

To Edward, prince of Wales. Order to cause to be sent to the king at Carlisle, without delay, 500 Welsh footmen from North Wales, by Griffin Thoyt, the prince's knight, and Robert de Haliwell, king's clerk, and another 500 from West Wales, by Morgan ap Mereduth, the prince's knight, and William de Stoweford, king's clerk, without delay, so that they shall be at Carlisle in three weeks from Midsummer next, as the king needs footmen for the repression of the rebellion of Robert de Brus.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 35 Edw. I, p. 505

7 Jun 1307, Carlisle

[Mandate to] William de Stoweford, clerk, [to hasten the despatch of] 500 [Welsh foot] from West Wales, to be brought by Morgan ap Mereduth, knight [by three weeks after Midsummer].

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 4, p. 529


5 Feb 1316, Westminster

To Payn de Turbervill, keeper of the lands late of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, in Glomorgan. Order to pay Morgan ap Mereduth 100s. yearly from the issues of the said lands, which he lacks of the yearly sum of 15l. for which Ralph de Monte Hermerii, when he was earl of Gloucester and Hertford, and his wife Joan, the king's sister, granted to him all their land of Edelegan for life, at the late king's request, on condition that he should pay them the excess of value over that sum yearly, and the said Gilbert, after he obtained seisin of the lands of his inheritance after Joan's death, ejected Morgan from the said lands, and granted him in their stead the hamlet of Cogansmor for life, which hamlet does not exceed the yearly value of 10l., as appears by an inquisition taken by the said Payn.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 9 Edw. II, p. 263

28 Aug 1316, York

[Protection, for fifteen days,] for Morgan ap Mereduk, for foot men levied in the parts of South Wales.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. II, vol. 2, p. 539


Inquisition Post Mortem.


Writ to the escheator of North Wales, 21 October, 5 Edward III. [1331]

NORTH WALES. Inq. Tuesday after the Conception, 5 Edward III.

Bodevean in the commote of Dynthlayn in Thleen, held of the king in chief, rendering 20s. yearly to the king in his exchequer of Caernarvon.
The jury have no knowledge of any other lands, &c. of his.

Angharet his daughter, aged 32 years, is his next heir.

SOUTH WALES. Inq. Wednesday after the Invention of the Holy Cross, 7 Edward III.

Amgoyt. A third part of the commote.
Pellunyaue. A third part of the commote.
St. Clare. A third part of the town.
All held of the king in chief, service unspecified.

Angharet his daughter, aged 40 years, is his next heir.

SOUTH WALES. Inq. Friday after St. Mary Magdalene, 7 Edward III.

Amgoyt. A third part of the commote.
Pellunyaue. A third part of the commote.
St. Clare. A third part of the town.
All held of the king in chief by knight's service, doing suit at the county (court) of Kermerdyn every month; and the said three parts are a third part of a knight's fee.

C. Edw. III. File 26. (11.)

  Marriage Information:

Morgan married Crisli FERCH DAFYDD, daughter of Dafydd AP MEURIG. (Crisli FERCH DAFYDD was born about 1279 in Gwent, Cymru.)


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