William BATESFORD of Buckholt, Esq.
(Est 1335-By 1402)


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William BATESFORD of Buckholt, Esq.

  • Born: Est 1335, Sussex, England
  • Married:
  • Died: By 1402, Sussex, England


  Research Notes:

  • On 6 Nov 1362 William Batesford was on a commission de wallis et fossatis in the marshes of Pevenseye, Wylyngdon, and Estburne, between Hastynges and Sefford, and in the places adjacent, co. Sussex (CPR, Edw. III, vol. 12, p. 289)

On the same date William de Batesford was appointed deputy of ports in Wynchelse, Rye and Romenye... (CPR, Edw. III, vol. 12, p. 174)


  • On 26 Nov 1370 William Batesford was on a commission de walliis et fossatis between the towns of Borne and La Rye, co. Sussex (CPR, Edw. III, vol. 14, p. 420)


  • On 18 Nov 1374 William de Battesford was on a commission de walliis et fossatis in respect of the bridge built with the king's licence by the burgesses of Wynchelse at Pypewell across the water called 'le Chanel' of Wynchelse, and also the walls, dykes, gutters, sewers, bridges, causeways and weirs on either side of the said water between the town of Wynchelse and the towns of Odymere and La Rye. (CPR, Edw. III, vol. 16, p. 58)


  • Lease: 30 Sep 1375 1

Lease for 30 years at £4 10s.

John [of Gaunt], king of Castile and Leon, Duke of Lancaster, to William Batesford

44 acres in a piece called Cowhamme and 31 acres in a piece called Ealdelond, with all the salts belonging to them, both within the walls and without, in Pevensey Marsh.


  • On 20 Dec 1376 William Batlesford was on a commission of oyer and terminer, on complaint by William Philipot, 'carpenter,' that John Idenne, Richard de Herst, the younger, John Pelham, William Shortport, John Ercher, John Wiltonesherst, Thomas Wiltonesherst, John Boxherst, Thomas Akedenne, Thomas Cressy and others, assaulted him at Brede, co. Sussex, and so threatened him that he dares not till his land there or go forth from the town to exercise his craft. (CPR, Edw. III, vol. 16, p. 410)


  • 16 Apr 1377, Westminster

Writing of William Batesford and Richard Halle, being a quitclaim to Hugh de Badewe knight, Walter Frost, Ellis Thorp, Sir Robert de Chilton chaplain, Sir Thomas Cuntasthorp chaplian, Thomas Joel clerk and Henry de Crofton, their heirs and assigns, of the manor of Gassleyns otherwise called 'Gasselynpark' and Holewelle, of all lands, rents, services and reversions whatsoever in Hertfordshire which they the said William and Richard with Roger Asshbournham and Edmund del Clay had by gift... Dated Beyford, 16 April, 51 Edward III.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 51 Edw. III, pp. 530-1


  • On 28 Jun 1378 William de Batesford was on a commission to enquire of the trespass and contempt committed by John Wauter the younger, carpenter, when arrested at Bodyam, co. Sussex, by John de Neubolt, acting under the king's commission empowering him to arrest workmen for the works at Calais, in breaking the arrest, and, along with John Wauter the elder, assaulting him. (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 1, p. 300)


  • On 18 Feb 1379 William Battesford was on a commission to guard all the ports and shores of the sea against attack, and to array and equip with arms all the men in co. Sussex capable of defending it, so as to resist hostile invasion and the destruction of the English tongue, with power to compel all persons to contribute thereto. (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 1, p. 360)
  • On 16 Jul 1379 William Battesford was on a commission of oyer and terminer on complaint by the commonality of Wynchelse, that a common way called 'Copgreys,' leading from Wynchelse to Bataille, and a marsh called 'Dynsdale' betwene Wynchelse and Hastynges, for want of repair are destroyed by inundations of the sea... (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 1, p. 416)


  • On 22 Jan 1380 William de Battesford was on a commission to enquire touching divers damages, wastes, sales, destruction and dilapidations done in the houses, woods, lands and tenements of the hospital of Plaiden by Rye, co. Sussex, by Robert de Burton, master thereof. (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 1, p. 464)


  • 12 May 1381, Westminster

Inspeximus and confirmation, in favour of William de Battesford, of letters patent dated 30 November, 50 Edward III., exempting him for life from being put on assizes, &c. For ½ mark paid in the hanaper.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Ric. II, vol. 2, p. 6


On 10 Feb 1385 William de Batelesford was on a commission of peace and oyer & terminer for co. Sussex (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 2, p. 502)

26 Mar 1385, Westminster

Thomas Lynet to William Batelesford, Robert Oxenbregge and John Lynet, their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty, after the death of William son of William de Welles, of the manor of Knelle and all lands, rents and services in Beckele, Pesemerssche, Iden, Playden, Northyhamme and Wightreshamme which were of Edmund de Knelle knight cousin of the said Thomas... Dated Monday before Corpus Christi 8 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 7 June.

Calendar of Close Rolls, 8 Ric. II, p. 634


  • On 14 Aug 1388 William Battesford was on a commission of array for co. Sussex... (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 3, p. 547)


  • 6 Oct 1389, Westminster

William Batelesforde to Roger Aschbournham, his heirs and assigns. Indenture of lease during the life of the lessor of 117 acres of arable land, 51 acres of thicket (broci) and marsh and 35 acres of wood in the parish of Iwherst, namely on the east side to lands of the lessee, westward to lands late of John Okham and a street called 'Daggelane,' northward to a watercourse running from Bodyham towards Niewenden, and southward to the high street leading from 'Daggelane' to Iwherst church, as enclosed by metes and bounds, also of 2 acres of marsh in Iden, rendering yearly 9l., the lessor performing the services to the chief lords; every time that the rent shall be forty days in arrear the lessee shall pay 13s. 4d. in addition, and it shall be lawful to distrain upon all other his lands in Iwherst, Northiham, Bekkele, Iden and Pesemerche. Witnesses: William Cheyne, William Brenchesle, Robert Oxebregge, Vincent Fynch, Thomas Oxebregge. Dated the feast of Michaelmas 13 Richard II.

William Batelisforde to Roger Asshburnham, his heirs and assigns. Indenture of lease for sixty years of a messuage and land containing about 3 acres more or less in the parish of Iwherst, namely on the east to the principal messuage of the lessee... rendering yearly one rose at Midsummer for all services and demands. Witnesses: William Cheyne, William Brynchele, Vincent Fynch, Robert Oxbregge, Thomas Oxbregge. Dated Iwherst, the octaves of Michaelmas 13 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment by the parties of the foregoing indentures, 22 October.

Joan late the wife of John son of John Codyng and Roger Aschbournham. Indenture witnessing the confirmation by the said Joan during her life of an estate made to the said Roger by William Batelesforde her father, late tenant for life of the manor of Iwherst in Sussex which was sometime of John father of her said husband, with remainder to her for life, the fee after their decease pertaining to the said Roger and his heirs [regarding the above]...

Calendar of Close Rolls, 13 Ric. II, pp. 73, 76


  • On 18 Oct 1390 a writ de intendendo was directed to William Batelesford, deputy of ports in Wynchelse and Rye. (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 4, p. 311)


  • On 14 Jul 1391 William de Batelesford was on a commission de walliis et fossatis, for the sea coast and marsh in Pevenseye, Aylesham, Hoo, Herstmonceux, Mankesheye, Wylyndon, Westhamme, Horsye and elsewhere from the head of Godyng to the cliff of Bourne, co. Sussex (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 4, p. 516)


  • 15 Ric. II (22 Jun 1391—21 Jun 1392)

William Batesford, Roger Gosselyn, Richard Spencer, citizen and tailor of London, and John Spicer, clerk, to grant messuages, land, rent, pasture, and serfs in Seaford, Sutton, Hailsham, Arlington, Hellingly, and Brighton, and the reversion of messuages,land, rent, and pasture in Westham and Jevington, now held for life by Alice Clanrigge, to the prior and convent of Michelham. Sussex. 2


  • On 2 Apr 1392 William Battesford was on an appointment to arrest and bring before the king and council brother Roger Birget of Tysherst. (CPR, Ric. II, vol. 5, p. 83)

  Marriage Information:

William married Margery DE PEPLESHAM, daughter of Simon DE PEPLESHAM and Joan ROWSE. (Margery DE PEPLESHAM died shortlly before 1 Oct 1406.)


1 UKNA, East Sussex Record Office, reference: amsg/AMS5592/2.

2 UKNA, reference: C 143/415/25.

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