Héribert I CAROLING, Comte de Vermandois
(Abt 849-By 907)
Ctsse Lietgardis DE TROYES
Robert I DE BOURGOGNE, King of the West Franks
(Abt 866-923)
Héribert II CAROLING, Comte de Troyes et de Vermandois
(Abt 880-943)
(Bef 898-931)
Cte Héribert III "le Vieux" DE VERMANDOIS
(Abt 918-Abt 984)


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Cte Héribert III "le Vieux" DE VERMANDOIS

  • Born: Between 910 and 926, Vermandois, Normandy, France
  • Married: 951
  • Died: Between 983 and 985

  Research Notes:

Flodoard names "Heriberti Adalberti fratris" when recording his marriage, and in a later passage "nepotes Hugonis, Heribertus et Rotbertus". His date of birth has been estimated at [910/15] by Werner, whereas Settipani supports a later estimate of [925/26]. The former appears more consistent with Héribert's participation in his father's war from 938. If the latter is correct, comte Héribert would have been more than 20 years younger than his wife, which seems unlikely. There appears to be no basis for deciding between one or the other. He is documented with his father between 938 and 942 in the latter's war against King Louis IV, submitting to the king with his father in 942. Under the division of territories organised after his father's death in 943, Héribert became Comte d'Omois and received the fortress of Château-Thierry as well as the abbey of Saint-Médard, Soissons. King Lothaire appointed him comte du palais (comte palatin).

He succeeded his brother Robert in 967 as Comte de Meaux et de Troyes. His proposed death date range in [983/early 985] is estimated on the following basis. A letter of Gerbert dated 983 records that "Heriberti Trecassini et Oddonis comitis filii Tedbaldi" were enemies of "Adelbero Remonis archiepiscopus". However, a letter dated to Apr 985 names "Ottonis et Heriberti", while a letter dated to mid-985 records that "Ottonem, Heribertum" made peace with the archbishop. Another letter of Gerbert dated to [late 986/early 987] records that "O et Heribertus comites" were part of the council of Emma Queen of France. It is assumed that "Oddonis/Ottonem/O" all refer to the same person. However, it is suggested that only the first letter applies to Héribert [III], the change to Héribert [V] (nephew and successor of Héribert [III], son of the latter's brother Robert) being indicated in the subsequent letters by "Heribertum" being named after "Ottonem" instead of before, which suggests that he was the junior of the two from Apr 985.

The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the burial of "comes Trecensis Heribertus II cognomento Vetulus" in "abbatiam Latiniaci". 1

  Marriage Information:

Héribert married Eadgifu DE WESSEX, daughter of Eadweard I "The Elder" DE WESSEX, King of England, and Ælfleda DE WESSEX, in 951. (Eadgifu DE WESSEX was born between 902 and 905 in Wessex, England and died on 26 September, after 951.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Heribert [III] "le Vieux".

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