Conde Raimundo I DE RIBAGORZA
(-Aft 893)
Conde Galíndo II Aznar DE ARAGÓN
(-Bef 905)
Conde Bernardo I DE RIBAGORZA
(-By 956)
Tota Galíndez DE ARAGÓN
(-Aft 941)
Conde Raimundo II DE RIBAGORZA
(-By 964)


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  • Arnaldo DE RIBAGORZA
  • Conde Isarn (Aznar) DE RIBAGORZA
  • Odisendo DE RIBAGORZA

Conde Raimundo II DE RIBAGORZA

  • Married:
  • Died: Between Jan 960 and Dec 964

  General Notes:

Compiler's 31/32/33/34 great-grandfather

  Research Notes:

The Codex de Roda names "Regemundo ac domno Galindo seu domna Aba" as the children of "Uernardus" and his wife. “Bernardus comes Ripacurcie et uxor mea Tota comitissa filia Galindonis comitis Aragonis” founded Ovarra “in pao Ripacurcense...prope flumen Hysavana”, with the consent of “filiorum nostrorum Raymundus comes et Borellus comes”, by charter dated Jul “Era DCCLXXXI” [misdated].

Conde de Ribagorza. The 11th century “Crónico de Domènec”, from the archives of Roda, names “Ragimundus comes...filius eius [Bernardus comes...Ripacurcensis...[et] filiam Galindonis...Tota” adding that he lived “temporibus Ludovici filii Karoli” [Louis IV “d´Outremer” King of the West Franks, which is anachronistic in light of the dates of this family as noted from other sources]. The late 11th century/early 12th century “Cronicó II d´Alaó”, representing a continuation of the 11th century “Crónico de Domènec”, records that “Bernardus comes” when he died divided “comitatum tribus” between “suis filiis: Raimundo Ripacurcia, Borrello Paliaris, Mironi de flumine Nogarole usque in Nogariam”, adding that when Miro died his territory was divided between his brothers and that “Raimundus tenuit Ripacurciam usque in Caton et Valle Boinam et Sanctum Petrum de Nubibus et Superarsi usque in Madirero”. The end 13th century “Crònica d´Alaó Renovada” names “Regimundum et Borrelum et Mironem” as the three sons of “Bernardus comes Ripacurcie” and his wife, adding that Raimundo inherited Ribagorza including “villam bonam et sanctum Petrum de nubibus et Superarbiam usque ut in Madierro”. coniux mea [Gar]sindis...comitissa” elevated Roda to a bishopric by charter dated 1 Dec 956. “Regimundus…commes…et coniux mea Eresindis” donated property for the monastery of San Vicente by charter which is dated 1 Dec “anno regnante Leutario rege” and also quotes the date “957”. “Ragimundus...comes et marchio” donated property “in pao Esterritano...pennella Girundella et...villare...Salinas” to Lavaix by charter dated Mar 958. “Raymundus comes et Gassindis comitissa” consecrated “domum Sanct comitatu Ripacornsem in castro Fontova” by charter dated 1 Jan [960]. “Raymundus comes filius Bernardi” donated “villas Sillvi et Villa Recones et Rio Petruso” to the monastery of Orvara in exchange for dower given to “filia mea Ava” by charter dated [960]. 1

  Marriage Information:

Raimundo married Gersende DE FÉZENSAC, daughter of Cte Guillermo I García DE FÉZENSAC and Unknown. (Gersende DE FÉZENSAC died after Dec 990.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Raimundo [II].

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