García II Jiménez DE PAMPLONA
Conde Aznar II Galíndez DE ARAGÓN
Oneca García DE PAMPLONA
Sancho I García DE NAVARRA
(Abt 880-925)
Toda Aznárez DE ARAGÓN
(Abt 885-Aft 970)
García III Sánchez DE NAVARRA
(Abt 919-970)


Family Links

1. Condesa Andregoto Galíndez DE ARAGÓN

2. Teresa

García III Sánchez DE NAVARRA

  • Born: Abt 919
  • Married (1): After 9 Mar 933
  • Married (2): Abt 943
  • Died: 22 Feb 970

  General Notes:

Compiler's 31/32/33/34 great-grandfather

  Research Notes:

The Codex de Roda names "Garsea rex et domna Onneca et domna Sanzia et domna Urraca…domna Belasquita, necnon et domna Orbita" as the children of "Sanzio Garseanis" and his wife "Tota Asnari". "Sancius rex…cum coniux mea Tuta regina" donated property to the monastery of San Martín de Albelda by charter dated 5 Jan 925, confirmed by "…Garsea eiusdem principis filius, Enneca eiusdem principis filia, Belaschita eiusdem principis filia…".

He succeeded his father in 925 as GARCÍA III King of Navarre, under the regency of his uncle Jimeno García. A charter dated 928 records that “rex Fortunio Garcianes” had set the limits of “villis...Benassa et...Katamesas” and that they were confirmed by “rege Scemeno Garcianes et suo creato domno Garsea filio de rege Sancio Garsianes”, the dating clause recording “regnante Scemeno Garsianes cum suo creato domno Garsea in Pampilona et in Deiu...”. "Tota regina, seu filio meo Garsia Sancius" donated property to the monastery of San Martín de Albelda by charter dated 20 Sep 928. On the death in 931 of his uncle Jimeno, Íñigo García seized the regency but was forced out in 933 by King García III's mother, the Queen Mother Toda, who installed herself as regent for her son. The Codex de Roda records that "nepus eius Garsea Sanzionis" succeeded after the death of "Scemeno Garseanis" in 931, stating that he was "XII etatis sue anno". "Garsea Sancio" confirmed donations to the monastery of San Pedro de Siresa by "Sancio Garsee…commites domno Galindo, Asenari, Galindonis cum omnis fratres eius" by charter dated 9 Mar 933, signed by "Tota Isenari". Caliph Abd al-Rahman III invaded Navarre once more in 934, obliging Regent Toda to submit to Córdoba, release Muslim hostages and break with the other Christian kingdoms of the peninsula, although her son was recognised as king by the caliph. Toda broke the peace unilaterally in 937, but was defeated once more by the Muslims. However, regent Toda allied herself with Ramiro II King of León and Fernando González Conde de Castilla, their combined forces defeating the caliph's troops at Alhandega/al-Khandaq, near Simancas in 939. "Garcia rex filius Santii regis et Tote regine" confirmed a donation to Leire by charter dated 14 Feb 938. "Garsea rex…cum genitrice Tuta regina" donated property to the monastery of San Martín de Albelda by charter dated 22 Nov 947, witnessed by "Santius Ranimiri regis filius, Fortis Iustis…Flaginus comes, Garsea, Eximino, Fortunio Galendo…". "Garsea rex…cum genitrice…Tuta regina et cum filiis Sancio et Ranimiro adque Urraka" donated property "in loco Alvelda…villam quam olim tradiderat cliens noster Velasco Donniz", to the monastery of San Martín de Albelda by charter dated 953, witnessed by "Sancio rex et Ranimiro rex…". The Cronica de Sampiro records that "avunculo suo…Garsiano rege Pampilonensium…" helped Sancho in his rebellion against his brother Ordoño III King of León. Relations between the Christian kingdoms of the peninsula deteriorated when Sancho I "el Craso" King of Asturias sought refuge in Navarre in 958 after he was deposed by his cousin King Ordoño IV. King García III, allied with the caliph, helped restore King Sancho to the throne in 960. He also defeated and captured Fernando González Conde de Castilla. After the latter was released by his daughter Urraca, King García formed an alliance with Castile and Barcelona against Caliph Al-Hakam II. The alliance was, however, unsuccessful and King García lost Calahorra to the caliph's troops.

He was Conde de Aragón by right of his wife.

The Codex de Roda records the death "970 VIII Kal Mar" of "Garsea Sanzionis". The manuscript of the Codex de Roda entitled "Initium regnum Pampilonam" records that "Garsea rex" was buried "in castro Sancti Stefani". 1

  Marriage Information:

García married Condesa Andregoto Galíndez DE ARAGÓN, daughter of Conde Galíndo II Aznar DE ARAGÓN and Sancha García DE NAVARRA, after 9 Mar 933. García repudiated Andregoto in 940. (Andregoto Galíndez DE ARAGÓN died in 972.)

  Marriage Information:

García also married Teresa about 943. (Teresa died after Sep 957.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: García Sánchez de Navarra.

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