(Abt 830-866)
Munia (Nuña)
García I Iñíguez DE PAMPLONA
(Abt 810-882)
Alfonso III "el Magno" DE ASTURIAS
(Abt 848-910)
Jimena García DE PAMPLONA
(Abt 873-924)


Family Links

1. Unknown 1st wife

  • Sancho Ordóñez DE LEÓN
  • Alfonso IV "el Monje" DE LEÓN+
2. Elvira Menéndez DE GALICIA
3. Aragonta González DE GALICIA
4. Sancha Sánchez DE NAVARRA


  • Born: Abt 873
  • Married (2): Between 894 and 896
  • Married (3): Feb 922
  • Married (4): Mar 923
  • Died: 3 Jan 924

  General Notes:

Compiler's 32/33/34/35 great-grandfather

  Research Notes:

The Crónica de Sampiro (interpolated, España Sagrada edition) records that “Adefonsus filius Domini Ordonii” married “Pampilona…uxorem ex illorum prosapia generis…Xemena” by whom he had “filios...Garseanum, Ordonium, Froilanum et Gundisalvum qui archidiaconus ecclesie Ovetensis fuit”. "Adefonsus rex et Exemena regina" donated property near Lanzada which had belonged to "Hermegildus filius Petri et uxor sua Yberia", who has rebelled against the king, to Santiago de Compostela by charter dated 24 Jun 886, subscribed by "Exemena regina, Garsea, Hordonius, Froila". "Adefonsus rex et Exemena regina" donated "ecclesiam sce. Marie…in villa…Arenosium" to Santiago de Compostela by charter dated 25 Jul 893, subscribed by "Exemena regina, Veremudus, Garsia, Ordonius, Froila, Gundisaluus". The Historia Silense records that "Ordonius frater regni" succeeded "Garsias". The Chronicon Regum Legionensium names "King Ordoño" as the son of "King Alfonso and Jimena", when reporting his reburial in light of the threatened invasion of the kingdom of León and Asturias by Al-Mansur, but mistakenly names his wives "Mummadonna and Sancha". He was brought up by Muhammad ibn Lubb, of the Banu Qasi family, with whom his father maintained close relations. King Alfonso III and his wife "Ximena regina" donated property to Sahagún by charter dated 30 Nov 904, subscribed by "Garsia, Ordonius, Froila, Ranimirus, Gundisalvus", presumably their sons although this is not stated in the document. "Adefonsus rex" donated property to Sahagún by charter dated 28 Apr 909, subscribed by "Vimara Froilani, Garsea, Ordonius, Gundisalvus, Froila, Ranimirus, Dunninus".

He succeeded his brother in 914 as ORDOÑO II King of León, at León. The Crónica de Sampiro, as reproduced in the Historia Silense, records that Ordoño came "ex partibus Gallecie" on his accession, implying that he had been ruler in Galicia, presumably from the death of his father. He consolidated the establishment of León as the new capital of his realm with many new constructions. He captured Evora in 913, massacring the Muslim population including the Muslim Governor in the mosque. He defeated Abd al-Rahman III Emir of Córdoba at San Esteban de Gormaz 4 Sep 917, and together with Sancho García King of Pamplona he reconquered Rioja in 918, taking Nájera, Tudela, Calahorra and Arnedo. "Ordonius rex et Giloria regina" donated el Coto de Valdueza to the monastery of San Pedro de Montes by charter dated 24 Apr [918]. He suffered reverses with the Muslim counter-offensive in 920, defeated by Emir Abd al-Rahman at Valdejunquera. King Ordoño II exchanged property “quod germanus noster Gundisalvuus ad obitum suum” with Sobrado by charter dated 27 Feb 922.

The Crónica de Sampiro, as reproduced in the Historia Silense, records that King Ordoño II died "progediens de Çemora morbo proprio" after reigning “in pace” for nine years and six months and was buried “in aula sancte Marie virginis sedis Legionensis”. The Chronicon Compostellani records that “Ordonius frater eius [Garsea]” reigned nine years and six months. 1

  Marriage Information:

Ordoño married...

  Marriage Information:

Ordoño also married Elvira Menéndez DE GALICIA, daughter of Conde Hermenegildo Gutiérrez DE GALICIA and Ermesinda GATÓNEZ, between 894 and 896. (Elvira Menéndez DE GALICIA was born about 882 in Portugal and died about Oct 921.)

  Marriage Information:

Ordoño also married Aragonta González DE GALICIA, daughter of Conde Gonzalo Betótiz DE GALICIA and Teresa Eriz DE GALICIA, in Feb 922. The marriage ended in divorce in 922. (Aragonta González DE GALICIA died in 956.)

  Marriage Information:

Ordoño also married Sancha Sánchez DE NAVARRA, daughter of Sancho I García DE NAVARRA and Toda Aznárez DE ARAGÓN, in Mar 923. (Sancha Sánchez DE NAVARRA was born after 900 and died between 9 Jun 952 and 26 Dec 955.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Ordoño de Asturias.

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