(Bef 897-951)
Adosinda Gutiérrez DE GALICIA
(Abt 905-Aft 941)
Conde Pelayo González DE GALICIA
(-Abt 959)
Ermensinda Gutiérrez DE GALICIA
(-Bef 942)
(Abt 926-956)
Aragonta/Gondroda Peláez DE GALICIA, Mistress
(-Aft 955)
Vermudo II "el Gotoso" DE LEÓN


Family Links

1. Velasquita

  • Cristina DE LEÓN
2. Elvira García DE CASTILLA
0. Unknown Mistresses
  • Pelayo Vermúdez DE LEÓN
  • Ordoño Vermúdez DE LEÓN
  • Vermudo Vermúdez DE LEÓN
  • Piñolo Vermúdez DE LEÓN
  • Elvira Vermúdez DE LEÓN
  • Sancha Vermúdez DE LEÓN

Vermudo II "el Gotoso" DE LEÓN

  • Born: 953, León, Spain
  • Married (1): Before 11 Oct 981
  • Married (2): Abt 26 Nov 991
  • Died: Sep 999, El Bierzo, León, Spain

  General Notes:

Compiler's 29/30/31/32 great-grandfather

  Research Notes:

An interpolation in the Crónica de Sampiro records that “Rex Ordonius” abandoned (“reliquit”) his wife “Urracam filiam...comitis Fredinandi” and married “aliam…uxorem…Geloiram” by whom he had “Veremundum Regem, qui podagricus [“with gout”] fuit”. His paternal ancestry is confirmed by the charter dated 26 Nov 990 under which King Vermudo confirmed donations to the monastery of Carracedo, including the donations made “villam Sellina...patris mei domini Ordoni” and by “avus nostri donus Ranemirus...ad monasterium sanctæ Mariæ de Taulo”... [His] father King Ordoño. “…Veremudus…princeps, prolis Ordonii regis…” confirmed the charter dated 1 Jan 968 under which “Giluira…prolis…regis…cum suprino meo…principe domno Ranemiro, soboli…Sanctionis” donated property to Celanova. This charter indicates that, at that date, Vermudo was a fully integrated member of the royal family despite his possible illegitimacy, and may have been considered as next in line to the throne.

Married Velasquita ---, daughter of --- before 11 Oct 981. "Veremudus prolix Ord. Rex, Velasquita uxor ipsius" are named in a charter of Samos dated 11 Oct 981. “Velasquida regina” confirmed a charter dated 29 Sep 985 under which King Vermudo II donated property to Celanova. “Velasquita regina” confirmed a charter dated 24 Dec 988 under which King Vermudo II donated property to Celanova. The Chronicon Regum Legionensium names "Velasquita" as the first legitimate wife of King Vermudo, specifying that he "divorced while she was living". Her parentage is not known, nor has any source been identified which specifies her patronymic...

He succeeded in 985 as VERMUDO II "el Gotoso" King of León. The Chronicon Regum Legionensium records that "Vermudo the son of Ordoño" succeeded as king after the death of King Ramiro III. The Crónica de Sampiro, as reproduced in the Historia Silense, records that "Veremudus Ordinii filius" returned to León after the death of King Ramiro III and succeeded "pacifice", adding that he was “vir satis prudens” and introduced laws “a Vambano principe”.

King Vermudo is described as "foolish and a tyrant in everything he did" in the Chronicon Regum Legionensium, which contrasts with the more sympathetic picture of the king in the Historia Silense. He allied himself with García Fernández Conde de Castilla, whose daughter he married, but Muslim advances under al-Mansur continued. García Gómez Conde de Saldaña rebelled against him in 988. Gonzalo Vermúdez rebelled in 989 and in 993 succeeded in temporarily expelling King Vermudo from León. In 995, al-Mansur attacked León and destroyed Santa María de Carrión. King Vermudo sought refuge in Astorga, from where he was obliged to offer annual tribute. In 997, King Vermudo took advantage of al-Mansur's absence campaigning in North Africa to suspend payment of the tribute, but León was subjected to devastating campaigns of revenge by Muslim forces which established a garrison at Zamora. King Vermudo II donated property “ad Septentrione plaga, per latus, montis Villara...”, defined in relation to “termino de Papelli...Bacarii, quam inter uxor meus Froylani Regis filius...ad fratrem Recaredus anacoreta...testauit amica nostra domina Teresia...quod fuit de amica nostra regina domina Geluira a diue memorie”, to the monastery of San Vicente de Pombeiro by charter dated 29 Jun 997, confirmed by “Ordonius filius Regis, Adefonsus Parbulus filius Regis...Geluira Regina...Froyla Gumsalbiz, Bestario Bimarace, Teresia Deo dicata, Froyla Menendici, Arias Fernandici...”.

The Crónica de Sampiro, as reproduced in the Historia Silense, records that King Vermudo died "secundo anno post azeifam terra Bericensi proprio morbo" after reigning for seventeen years. The Chronicon Regum Legionensium records that King Vermudo was struck down with gout and "was carried from place to place on the shoulders of humble men", and died "in the Bierzo and was buried in Villabuena, and after several years he was translated to León", after reigning for seventeen years, a later passage recording that he died "in the era 1037 (999)". The Chronicon del Salterio, dated to 1055, records the death "V f[eri]a M stbr era TXXXVII" of "dmi Veremudi regis". The Chronicon Compostellani records that “Veremudi, Ordonii filius” reigned 17 years. 1

  Marriage Information:

Vermudo married Velasquita before 11 Oct 981. Vermudo repudiated Velasquita on 24 Dec 988. (Velasquita died after 15 Jun 1028.)

  Marriage Information:

Vermudo also married Elvira García DE CASTILLA, daughter of Conde García I Fernández DE CASTILLA and Ava DE RIBAGORZA, about 26 Nov 991. (Elvira García DE CASTILLA died in Dec 1017.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Vermudo II de León.

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