Marchese Ranieri II DI MONFERRATO
(-Abt 1136)
(Abt 1075-Aft 1133)
Liutpold III "der Heilige" VON BABENBERG, Markgraf of Austria
(Abt 1083-1136)
(Abt 1073-1143)
Marchese Guglielmo V "il Vecchio" DI MONFERRATO
(-Aft 1178)
Marchese Corrado DI MONFERRATO
(Abt 1146-1192)


Family Links

1. Theodora ANGELINA
2. Isabelle D' ANJOU Queen of Jerusalem

  • Maria DI MONFERRATO Queen of Jerusalem

Marchese Corrado DI MONFERRATO

  • Born: Abt 1146
  • Married (1): 1187
  • Married (2): 24 Nov 1190
  • Died: 28 Apr 1192, Tyre

  Research Notes:

The Cronica Alberti de Bezanis names "Gullielmus Spatam-longam, Conradum, Bonifacium, Fredericum et Raynerium" as the five sons of "Gulielmus marchio Montisferati" & his wife. William of Tyre (Continuator) names him as son of "le marquis Boniface", but clarifies this error by specifying that his nephew was king of Jerusalem. "Dominus Wilielmus Montisferrati marchio…et Bonefacius eius filius" renounced their rights in property in Cinaglio in favour of the church of Casale by charter dated 3 Sep 1184. "Dominus Conradus filius marchionis Montisferrati" granted free passage through the straits of Chivasso to the abbeys of Staffarda and Casanova by charter dated 10 Oct 1186, witnessed by "dominus Bergungius Sancti Nazarii dominus Rainerius frater eius…". He arrived in Constantinople in [1186] and was placed in command of the troops which crushed the rebellion of Theodoros Branas by Emperor Isaakios II, whose sister he married. On the other hand, according to Niketas Choniates he arrived at Constantinople "in spring 1187" for his marriage, and was involved in the suppression of the rebellion of General Alexios Branas. The Chronicle of Ernoul also records that Corrado was involved in suppressing the rebellion of "Livernas". He was awarded the title caesar in 1187. Leaving Constantinople, he landed at Tyre 14 Jul 1187. He took command of the defence of the city against Saladin, who was unable to capture it. He sent Josias Archbishop of Tyre to the Pope in late summer 1187 to inform him of the plight of the kingdom of Jerusalem. He refused to surrender Tyre to Guy de Lusignan King of Jerusalem in 1188 and 1189, but was persuaded by Ludwig III "der Milde" Landgraf of Thuringia to join in King Guy's attack on Acre. During the early part of the siege, he and King Guy settled their differences, with Corrado agreeing to recognise Guy as king while Corrado would continue to hold Tyre, together with Beirut and Sidon. After the death of Queen Sibylle in 1190, Balian of Ibelin and his wife Queen Maria (mother of Isabelle of Jerusalem) considered Corrado a better candidate for the throne of Jerusalem than King Guy I. They therefore engineered his marriage to Isabelle, now heir to the throne, despite the fact that his previous two wives may still both have been alive at the time. After his marriage, Corrado returned to Tyre, refusing to assume the throne of Jerusalem unless King Guy abdicated. After the capitulation of Acre 12 Jul 1191, a meeting of the European dignitaries decided that Guy de Lusignan should remain as king of Jerusalem until his death, after which the crown would pass to Corrado, his wife Isabelle and their issue. Meanwhile Corrado would be lord of Tyre, Beirut and Sidon, and he and King Guy would share the royal revenues.

He succeeded his father in 1191 as CORRADO Marchese di Monferrato. After further quarrels between the crusader leaders, a council called by Richard King of England in Apr 1192 decided that Corrado should replace Guy as king of Jerusalem. His coronation was planned at Acre, but a few days later he was murdered at Tyre, apparently by two Assassins hired by Sheikh Sinan in revenge for an act of piracy against one of his merchant ships. 1

  Marriage Information:

Corrado married Theodora ANGELINA, daughter of Andronikos Doukas ANGELOS and Euphrosyne KASTAMONITISSA, in 1187. (Theodora ANGELINA died after 1195.

  Marriage Information:

Corrado also married Isabelle D' ANJOU Queen of Jerusalem, daughter of Amaury (Amalric) I D' ANJOU King of Jerusalem (1162-1174) and Maria KOMNENE of Byzantium, Lady of Nauplia, on 24 Nov 1190. (Isabelle D' ANJOU Queen of Jerusalem was born in 1170 and died before May 1206.)


1 Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Medlands: Corrado di Monferrato.

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